Home Safety Terms and Conditions

Updated: September 19, 2014

How it works

Airbnb will, for a limited time through December 31, 2014, help facilitate the acquisition by eligible hosts of certain home safety equipment as described in these terms.

Airbnb’s sole obligation under this program is to facilitate your acquisition of the detector, safety card and/or kit that you are obtaining from the manufacturer or distributor in accordance with these terms. We are not a manufacturer or distributor of any detector(s) and/or kit(s), and assume no responsibility as a manufacturer or distributor of third party products.


This offer is limited to Airbnb hosts who are over 18 years old and have at least one active and public Airbnb listing for an accommodation (“eligible host”) in a country in which the offer is available.

U.S. hosts

Airbnb hosts who are over 18 years old and have at least one active and public Airbnb listing for an accommodation located in the United States (“U.S. hosts”) are eligible to apply for:

  • one combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector ("detector"), paid for by Airbnb if ordered on or before December 31, 2014;
  • a first aid kit ("kit" or "kits"), paid for by Airbnb, will be made available to eligible U.S. hosts on a first-come-first-served basis for use in their listing on Airbnb. The kit offer will end when supplies of 10,000 kits are exhausted, or December 31, 2014, whichever occurs earlier. This offer is limited to one kit per eligible U.S. host; and/or
  • one safety card ("safety card"), paid for by Airbnb, for use in their listing on Airbnb. In addition to the other restrictions below, this offer is limited to one safety card per eligible U.S. host, and is valid through December 31, 2014.

Non-U.S. Hosts

Airbnb may also facilitate, on an invitation-only basis through December 31, 2014, the acquisition of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors by hosts who are over 18 years old and have at least one active and public Airbnb listing for an accommodation located outside the United States (“Non-U.S. Hosts”). If you are a Non-U.S. Host who is eligible to participate, you will receive an email from Airbnb outlining additional terms specific to any such offer (including but not limited to any applicable financial terms); the additional terms outlined in such email invitations are incorporated into these terms by reference.

Non-U.S. Hosts Payment Terms

Should you receive an invitation from Airbnb offering to facilitate your ability to obtain a smoke/carbon monoxide detector, you may be provided with a recoupment payment option in your email. In the event that you are offered the ability to obtain a smoke/carbon monoxide detector with subsequent recoupment by Airbnb, the following terms will apply to you. Airbnb will cover the up front cost associated with your smoke/carbon monoxide detector, and thereafter deduct such cost from up to three host payouts thereafter due to you. The payments may equal up to the full amount of any payout (meaning that you may not receive any payout until we recoup the cost associated with the smoke/carbon monoxide detector), and the amounts deducted from your payouts may not be equal in amount (because we will try to recoup the full amount from the first payout, but roll any balance to the second and if necessary third payout). There will be no interest or other fee associated with the recoupment option or with your receipt of the smoke/carbon monoxide detector. If the amount owed for the smoke/carbon monoxide detector is not recouped within twelve months, Airbnb will bill you for any remaining balance.

Order Fulfillment

By applying to receive a detector, safety card, and/or kit through Airbnb, you agree that we will forward your name, shipping or mailing address, and phone number to the manufacturer or distributor so they can ship your order directly to you. For products in stock, please allow about 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive at your destination. Delivery periods are estimated, not guaranteed, and actual delivery time may take longer.

Your Responsibilities

By applying for a detector, safety card or kit through Airbnb, you agree to all of these terms, including without limitation that you will use the detector, safety card or kit in your listing and at all times in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. By applying for a safety card, you agree that you alone are responsible for accurately and completely entering the relevant information for your listing on the safety card.

Even if you receive a detector, safety card or kit through this program, you remain entirely and solely responsible for your listing, including but not limited to its safety and condition, as Airbnb is not an owner, operator, provider of properties, and does not own, sell, rent, manage or control properties. Nothing in this program amends or otherwise changes our agreement as stated in the Terms of Service.

Purchase from Manufacturer or Distributor

We are not a party to your order of the detector(s) and/or kit(s) from the manufacturer or distributor. You agree to have your order fulfilled and shipped directly by the manufacturer or distributor, that Airbnb does not in any way endorse the manufacturer or distributor who fulfills your order, and that any disputes, returns, exchanges, repairs or other inquiries will be handled exclusively by the manufacturer or distributor, not by Airbnb.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no warranties are available for the safety card, and no warranties are available for the detector and/or kit except as provided directly by the manufacturer or distributor. AIRBNB DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY AND WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ALL WARRANTIES: (A) AS TO THE DESIGN, QUALITY OR CONDITION OF THE GOODS; (B) AS TO THE MATERIAL, EQUIPMENT OR WORKMANSHIP IN THE GOODS; (C) OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE; (D) AS TO THE SUITABILITY OF THE GOODS FOR BUYER'S PURPOSES OR THE IMPACT OF THE GOODS ON BUYER'S OPERATIONS; (E) AS TO THE SUITABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE MANUFACTURER OR DISTRIBUTOR; AND (F) WITH RESPECT TO ANY PATENT, COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK, TRADE NAME, SERVICE MARK OR PROPRIETARY LAW OR RIGHT. By applying for the detector and/or safety card and/or kit, You release Airbnb, Inc., its affiliated entities, subsidiaries, their employees, officers, directors, employees and other agents from, from any and all losses, damages, debts, rights, claims, actions or other liabilities whatsoever, regardless of legal or other theory or description, including without limitation liability for death, injury or damage caused by or allegedly caused by participating in the program or any detector or safety card or kit received through the program, and to the fullest extent allowed by law waive any and all such claims and causes of action arising from or related to the detector or safety card or kit or this program. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, this program will be subject to the laws of the State of California. Any disputes related to this program will be resolved through the Dispute Resolution proceedings described in the Airbnb Terms of Service.


Limited quantities

Limited to one detector, one safety card and one kit per eligible U.S. host, and to one detector per eligible non-U.S. host.

Limited time only

This program is for a limited time only, and we may withdraw, change or suspend it (in whole or in part) at any time with or without notice to you. The requirements, incentives and limitations are also subject to change at any time.

Void where prohibited

This program is void where prohibited.


If any provision of these terms are held to be invalid, void or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. In our sole discretion, we may assign these terms, by providing notice of such assignment in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Manufacturer or Distributor Discretion

The manufacturer, distributor, and/or Airbnb shall have the right to refuse any detector or kit order in its discretion.

Sales Tax and other taxes

We will pay for applicable sales taxes on the detectors, kits and safety cards we pay for under this program, but you are responsible for any other applicable taxes. If we are not paying for your detector under this program, you alone are responsible for all applicable taxes.


If the manufacturer or distributor is unable to fulfill your order for a detector and/or kit under this program, they (or another manufacturer or distributor) may provide a detector and/or kit with similar or equivalent functionalities. Likewise, if we are unable to fulfill your order for a safety card, we may provide a substitute safety card with similar or equivalent features. We reserve the right to discontinue the program at any given time for any reason or no reason without any replacement or compensation being due.

Inaccurate or False Information

Airbnb and the manufacturer or distributor are not responsible for inaccurate or false information you may provide in applying for a detector, kit, and/or safety card, including by falsely representing you will use this detector, kit and/or safety card in your Airbnb listing. We reserve the right to disqualify your application if you provide any inaccurate or false information.

Personal Information

We will forward the information you submit to the manufacturer or distributor so they can fulfill your order and ship the detector and/or kit to you. Airbnb will treat your information under our Privacy Policy. Please note that the manufacturer or distributor, however, may treat the information you submit under their own Privacy Policy.

Contracting party

This program is offered to U.S. Hosts by Airbnb, Inc., 888 Brannan St, San Francisco, California 94103, United States of America. This program is offered to Non-U.S. Hosts by Airbnb Ireland, Watermarque Building, South Lotts Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Updates to These Terms

We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification and the modified terms will be effective upon posting. By applying for this promotion after we have posted updated terms, you agree to be bound by the updated terms. If the updated terms are not acceptable to you, your only recourse is to not use the Home Safety promotion.