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US tax form (1099/1042-S) corrections

If there’s inaccurate information on one of your tax forms for the most recent tax year, you may be able to request a correction in Tax Documents. Check out the instructions for the type of correction you need to make.

For corrections to tax forms for previous years, please contact us.

Taxpayer name and/or Tax Identification Number corrections 

You can correct the name or TIN on your tax form for the most recent tax year from the Taxes section in your account. For corrections to tax forms for previous years, please contact us.

To request a correction:

  1. Click Account > Taxes 
  2. Click Tax Documents
  3. Select the form that needs to be corrected
  4. Under Request a correction, click Get help
  5. Check the details that need to be corrected and click Next to start your request

When you complete your request, we’ll validate your new taxpayer information with the IRS automated TIN verification system. Once confirmed, we’ll process the tax form correction. This can take up to 15 days, and we’ll notify you when your tax form is ready. You’ll find it on the Tax Documents page.

If you’re having trouble updating this information, please contact us.

Reported amount corrections

If there is a discrepancy in the reported amounts or the amounts do not agree with your records, please note the following:

1099-K: As required by IRS reporting regulations, the totals reported on your 1099-K represent your Gross Earnings before adjustments such as resolutions, cancellations, and Airbnb Fees. You can use the Gross Transaction History and Earnings Summary to reconcile your tax reports.

For detailed information, please refer to our Help Center articles on understanding your Form 1099-K and how to reconcile your Form 1099-K.

If you can’t reconcile your tax document or still need help, please contact us.

Reported amount corrections (multiple taxpayers) 

If you have made payout allocations to different payout methods and need more than one tax document issued, you’ll need to contact us to process a correction.

Address corrections

We do not process Form 1099 corrections resulting from address changes. If your address did change, please be sure to update the address on your taxpayer information form (W-9/W-8) so that the correct address is used for future tax reporting.

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