What amounts are included on my tax form?

We are required by the IRS to report gross income on tax forms. For each reservation, the gross amount is the price agreed upon before Airbnb service fees. Any refunds in the form of adjustments that took place after your initial payout for the reservation, are not netted out of the gross amount displayed on your form.
If you received payouts for purposes other than a reservation or sent payouts to a charity, they may be included in the gross earnings shown on your form as well.
Your Transaction History shows the net amount you’ve received. For more detailed information about your income through the site, go to your Transaction History and click “EXPORT TO CSV” to have a spreadsheet of your Transaction History emailed to you. The spreadsheet includes more information than your Transaction History displays, including number of nights hosted, host fees, and cleaning fees (if applicable). 
While we are required to report gross income on your form, it remains your responsibility to determine what, from your total amount earned, to report as taxable income on your US Income tax return. We encourage you to consult a tax advisor if you need assistance deducting any non-taxable income from your taxes.
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