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Find your earnings

Want to quickly understand how much money you’re making or projected to make? Check the status of your payouts in your Earnings dashboard.

Where to find your earnings

To review your performance, go to your Earnings and select the expander in the bar chart to launch the interactive earnings view. This shows your earnings by month or year, and by listing. You can use the filter to select which of your listings to display.

Learn more about downloading your earnings. You can also find out more about your performance chart in the Resource Center.

Interactive earnings

The Earnings dashboard features an interactive performance chart—giving you access to your earnings through monthly and yearly views, plus filter by listing, and get more detail on prior years and future projections.

Year-to-date summary

Your year-to-date summary is the total amount you've earned for each reservation that year. It also displays any service fees, taxes, or other deductions and your net total earnings.

Upcoming earnings

Find the next 3 upcoming transactions from the Earnings dashboard or select Show all upcoming to get a full list.

You can filter upcoming transactions by date and listing, and search for specific transactions using the reservation confirmation code or payout amount.

Open a specific transaction to review transaction details, along with the date it is scheduled to be sent and how the payout was calculated. You can also change the payout method the transaction is going to by selecting change your payout method.

Paid earnings

Find the last 3 paid transactions from the Earnings dashboard or click Show all paid to get a full list.

Select each row to review earnings details, including reservation information, adjustments, and cancellation details.

If you have multiple listings with reservations that start on the same day, earnings may be paid out together, which will be displayed in a single row.

If you owe a guest money for a cancellation or reservation change, you can track it in your Earnings dashboard. Learn more about what an adjustment on your earnings means.

When you’ll get paid

When you get paid depends on the length of your guest’s stay, your payout method’s processing time, and whether or not you’re a new Host. Learn more about when you’ll get your payout.

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