How does check-in work?

Guests and hosts work out details for checking in, exchanging keys, and checking out directly with each other. There is no online check-in or checkout process. Read on for some guidelines to help you have a smooth check-in.

Communication is essential

Before the start of the reservation, use the Airbnb messaging system to coordinate check-in and checkout times, make plans for the key exchange, and ask any other questions. This ensures all your information is saved in one place for easy reference, giving you and Airbnb a clear reference should an issue arise.

In addition, confirm your contact information and arrival details so you can reach each other in case plans change. Make sure to let each other know if you'll be without access to a phone or the Internet.

Know your reservation details

After a reservation is accepted, refer to your guest itinerary for useful information about your reservation, such as the check-in and checkout time, the listing's address, your host's contact information, and your billing receipt. If there's no check-in or check-out time specified within a listing's description, check-in is 3:00 PM local time and checkout is 12:00 PM local time.

Should you need to add details to your billing receipt for visa applications or for a business expense, see this FAQ.

Stay tuned to flight information and weather forecasts

Look up travel advisories to make sure there is nothing impacting your reservation. With road closures and flight delays, guests and hosts alike might need a little extra time to safely meet up to exchange keys.

Many hosts greet guests in person to exchange keys. Others send keys and instructions in the mail, leave them in a lockbox, or have a neighbor meet a guest. The decision of whether or not to give a guest a key is at the discretion of the host. However, our Guest Refund Policy stipulates that guests need to have reasonable access to the listing they booked. If you decide not to provide keys, you should mention in your listing’s description and house rules that keys will not be available to the guests so people are aware of the situation before booking.

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