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Experienced Co-Hosts

The experienced Co-Host services platform is available in select countries worldwide to Hosts (or soon to be Hosts) who are looking for local hosting support from experienced Co-Hosts and Hosts. These countries are: the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Check out the Co-Host Services Platform Terms for more information.

Becoming an experienced Co-Host

If you’re a Co-Host or Host and want to grow your business on Airbnb, you may be eligible to join the experienced Co-Host platform and offer co-hosting services to other Hosts near you.

The benefits of joining an experienced Co-Host platform include:

  • Having the opportunity to earn more by offering your help to other Airbnb Hosts
  • Defining the terms of your relationships with Hosts and what works for you
  • Free-of-charge access to specialized tools, resources and insights from a dynamic community of experienced Co-Hosts

To become an experienced Co-Host and allow potential Hosts nearby to contact you via the platform to inquire about your hosting services, you need to meet the following requirements and make sure you comply with all applicable local laws and regulations:

  • You must be an existing Host or Co-Host on Airbnb in good standing, and within the last 12 months:
    • You must have 10 or more stays as a Host or Co-Host on Airbnb
    • Your reviewed stays across all accounts and listings you manage must have an average overall rating by guests on Airbnb above or equal to 4.8
    • You maintained a less than 3% cancellation rate, with exceptions made for certain valid reasons beyond the Host’s control

If you are eligible, go on the experienced Co-Host page and fill in the information sheet. You will then receive an email with next steps.

Setting up your experienced Co-Host profile

After you apply and your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll be able to setup a profile on the experienced Co-Host services platform, which would include the following:

  • Photo: Add a high-quality photo that clearly shows your face. Check out the Experienced Co-hosting Learning Series for more helpful tips on taking a great profile photo.
  • Displayed name: We suggest using your first name only.
  • Service description: A description of your services, skills and experience. We recommend keeping this between 250-1,500 characters.
  • Set your standard service fee: It’s up to you to choose your fee, to be agreed upon with each Host.
  • Local service area: Add locations where you can provide local co-hosting services. 

Once your profile is published, Hosts who are nearby and searching for help in your local service area can contact you through the platform.

Expectations for experienced Co-Hosts

In addition to the above, know that we require Co-Hosts to follow all our ground rules for Hosts, which help create comfortable, reliable stays for guests.

Experienced Co-Hosts are also expected to maintain high review ratings, as guests expect a consistent level of quality and use reviews to share their experience.

The following standards will begin to apply when an experienced Co-Host has generated 10+ reviewed stays after joining the experienced Co-Host Services platform:

  • Experienced Co-Hosts may be temporarily hidden from the Hosts’ search results on the Co-Host Services Platform if the average guest rating is less than 4.6 on Airbnb. The average rating is calculated based on the average guest star rating in the last 12 months of all listings that an experienced Co-Host manages, either as a Co-Host or as a Host.
  • If an experienced Co-Host’s average rating increases to 4.6 or higher, the experienced Co-Host will be granted the option to appear again in Hosts’ search results.

If an experienced Co-Host’s average rating decreases below 4.4, the experienced Co-Host Services Platform may terminate its agreement with the experienced Co-Host in accordance with Section 8 of the Co-Host Services Platform Additional Terms. The experienced Co-Host will be able to reapply to the platform, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Any such action will not in and of itself impact an experienced Co-Host’s ability to continue to work with their existing Hosts, nor will it impact their use of the Airbnb platform or Co-Host tools.

    Experienced Co-Hosts are recommended to maintain a response rate above 90% to remain visible to prospective Hosts searching the Co-Host Services Platform.

    Response rate refers to the percentage of new requests from prospective Hosts that experienced Co-Hosts respond to within 24 hours over the last 90 days, from Airbnb Messages.

    • An experienced Co-Host may be temporarily hidden from the Hosts’ search results on the Co-Host Services Platform after falling below the 90% response rate. Hiding an experienced Co-Host from search results does not impact the experienced Co-Host’s ability to communicate with existing Hosts who have previously messaged the experienced Co-Host, and to generate organic leads on the Co-Host Services Platform.

    The requirements and expectations described in this article may change over time. Where there are material changes that may impact your inclusion in the Co-Host Services Platform, we’ll update you.

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