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Contacting guests via email

It’s important to be able to communicate easily and securely with your guests on Airbnb. You can easily manage all your Airbnb messages in one place, from organizing them to creating quick replies and scheduled messages. You can also set your notifications preferences to receive an email notification when a guest sends you a message.

Setting notifications for messages

You can receive and respond to Airbnb messages via email.

Set notifications for messages on desktop

  1. Click Profile > Account > Notifications
  2. Click Account
  3. Under Guest and Host messages, click Edit

Note: The email alias feature is no longer available.

Using Airbnb messaging to send important documents

Once your guests have confirmed their reservation, you can add direct links to Airbnb messages to share important documents or additional information.

Please keep in mind that using email and messaging must comply with our Off-Platform Policy. You shouldn't use email or messaging to ask for reviews or feedback on a non-Airbnb website, ask for guests’ contact information before they book a stay, or misuse their contact information.

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