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What happens after your photo shoot

After your shoot, we’ll carefully review and edit your photos to ensure your place looks its best. Once approved, we’ll upload the images to your listing and notify you. You’ll also have the opportunity to save copies for yourself.

The process takes 2–4 weeks, depending on the editing required. You’ll end up with at least 12 photos, but the total number depends on the size of your place.

How we review

We’re looking for photos that showcase your space in different ways, including wide-angle and close-up shots. If an image doesn’t meet our standards or shows room for improvement, we’ll send it back to to the photographer for further editing and processing. For example, we don’t accept multiple photos of the same feature, or photos that use angles or processing techniques that make your place appear different from how it looks in person.

Learn more about our standards and what to expect during the photo shoot.

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