How do I refund my guest?

There are two ways to refund your guest directly from your Airbnb account: the Issue Refund button and the Resolution Center.

Issue Refund button

If your guest canceled the reservation before the check-in date, an Issue Refund button will appear under Your Reservations. To give your guest an additional refund beyond what the cancellation policy provides, simply click the button and enter the amount desired. Airbnb service fees are non-refundable for guests. However, your 3% host fee will be adjusted according to your final reservation total after the refund.

Resolution Center

You can refund your guest for any reason using our Resolution Center. To use the Resolution Center, make you're logged in and follow this link:

Choose the appropriate reservation from the drop-down menu and select to offer your guest a refund. If the reservation you're looking for isn't in the drop-down menu, that means it's more than 30 days old and not eligible for a Resolution Center request.

Enter the desired amount, currency, and a message to your guest. After you send the details, your guest will be automatically notified by the Airbnb system, and they can choose to accept the offer. Airbnb will be automatically notified once an offer has been accepted, and we will process your transaction within the following 48 hours. You will be notified via email once the transaction is complete.

Please note: once you submit the refund amount using the above tools, you've agreed to refund your guest and the transaction is considered final. You are not entitled to a return of any refund you grant using the Issue Refund button or the Resolution Center. To ask your guest for any money back, you will need to submit a new request using the Resolution Center.

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