What happens if my guest cancels a reservation?

If your guest cancels your reservation in his or her Airbnb account, you will be automatically notified by Airbnb’s system and your calendar will be opened so you can host other guests. Your payout will be released normally, 24 hours after the originally scheduled check-in date, which you can verify in your Transaction History. Payouts for canceled reservations will not be released early.

At the time of cancellation, your guest is automatically refunded according to your cancellation policy. If you'd like to offer your guest more, there are two ways to refund your guest directly from your Airbnb account.

We will uphold your listing’s cancellation policy, unless the cancellation qualifies as an extenuating circumstance or the cancellation was processed in relation to a documented Guest Refund Policy case.

If your guest has already checked in:

  • They will be prepared to exit the listing upon submitting the official cancellation
  • You must make any security deposit claim within 48 hours of the original checkout date

If the reservation hasn't changed to Canceled in your Airbnb account, then the reservation has not been officially canceled in our system—it's still considered active and will still appear on your calendar. Learn more about what happens if your guest doesn't show up. If your guest contacts you regarding a need to cancel a reservation but has not yet done so, ask them to consider altering the reservation.

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