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How pricing works

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single trip request. So, how does pricing work for all of this? The total price of your Airbnb reservation is based on the nightly price set by the Host, plus fees or costs determined by either the Host or Airbnb. In addition to this, listings in some geographical locations may include taxes as well.

Types of fees

Airbnb service fee: Guest service fee charged by Airbnb—this provides 24/7 community support and helps everything run smoothly.

Cleaning fee: Charged by some Hosts to cover the cost of cleaning their space after the stay.

Extra guest fee: Charged by some Hosts for each additional guest beyond a set number.

Pet fee: Some Hosts allow pets to stay in their listings for an additional charge which may be separate from cleaning fees.

Security deposit: Hosts who manage their listings with API-connected software can set a security deposit using our offline fees feature. Learn more about security deposits.

Value Added Tax (VAT, JCT, and GST): Charged to guests who live in certain countries—find out more about VAT.

Local taxes: Charged based on the location of the Host's place—find out more about local taxes.


You’ll be charged once a Host accepts your reservation request, or immediately if you use Instant Book. You may be able to split the total cost of your reservation across multiple payments if your reservation meets specific criteria, or you can pay the full amount in one go.

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