How much do I pay for a reservation?

The total price you pay for your reservation includes the cost of the listing plus any applicable fees and taxes.

Listing price

Unlike a hotel, there's no standard nightly rate for booking a place on Airbnb. Each host chooses the amount they'd like to charge for their listing—per night, per week, or per month. You may see different prices for a listing depending on which dates you enter. That's because hosts can also set custom prices for certain dates, which is popular during high season or during certain local holidays.

To find out what your host charges to stay in their listing, be sure to enter the dates of your trip and the number of guests you'll be traveling with when searching for and viewing listings. Selecting the dates will automatically show you an up-to-date listing price when you view the listing page.


There are four types of fees you may need to pay in addition to the base price for the listing:

  • Cleaning fee
  • Extra guest fee
  • Airbnb guest fee
  • Currency exchange fee

Your host may require a per-reservation cleaning fee that helps them keep their space tidy for your arrival and future reservations. Look for the cleaning fee in the listing's description—it'll appear as a one-time fee for your reservation, regardless of how many many nights you book.

Your host may also charge an additional fee per night for extra guests. If applicable, this fee will also appear in the listing's description, along with the number of guests included in the base price. For example, you might see $10 / night after the second guest, in which case you'll be charged an additional $10 per night if you're traveling with three people, or $20 per night if you're a party of four.

Finally, Airbnb charges guests a service fee for each reservation to help cover the costs of running our business, including our ability to offer 24/7 customer support. The amount of the service fee depends on the subtotal of the reservation, and ranges from 6% to 18%. The larger your subtotal, the smaller the service fee percentage will be so you can save money on larger reservations. We'll also include Value Added Tax in the total service fees if that tax applies to you.


There are two types of taxes that might apply to your reservation, depending on where you live and where your host's listing is located:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)—guests who reside in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and South Africa
  • Local taxes—based on the location of the host's listing

If you're a resident of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or South Africa, we'll include Value Added Tax in our total guest service fee. Because our EU headquarters is based in Dublin, we charge VAT at the Irish rate of 23% of the base service fee and relevant currency conversion fees.

Depending on where a listing is located, there may be additional local taxes that Airbnb collects and remits to local governments. Hosts with listings in locations where Airbnb does not help collect local taxes may still have tax obligations. In those cases, hosts are responsible for letting you know about those additional taxes before you book, and collecting the tax themselves either by including it in their listing price or sending you a Special Offer.

Special Offers

Special Offers allow hosts to set a custom price for your reservation. Keep in mind that the price the host sets here will be a subtotal that includes the listing price, and any cleaning or extra guest fees. The Airbnb service fee, currency exchange fee, and any relevant taxes will be added in addition to the price the host sets in their offer and listed separately.

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