How much should I charge for my listing?

The rates you decide are completely up to you. To get an idea of market prices in your area, search for comparable listings in your city or neighborhood. We also have a tool that can estimate what your place is worth.

As a new host, you may want to charge lower than average rates to attract travelers comparing your place to those with existing reviews. Once you have a review or two, adjust your rates as needed.

Manage rates in your pricing settings. 

• You can set nightly, weekly, and monthly rates. Some hosts offer weekly or monthly pricing at a discounted rate to attract travelers, while others find longer stays challenging and provide no discount. For example, if you choose to offer your listing at $100 per night, you could set a weekly rate at $600 per week (about $86 per night) to offer a small discount for a 7-night stay or more. If you choose not to add a weekly or monthly rate, your nightly rate will apply and a 7-night stay would be $700.

• Include how much you anticipate it will cost to clean linens and to cover extra expenses, like electricity, water, or taxes. Most hosts incorporate these costs into their rates, and we recommend you do the same. There is also a cleaning fee option.

• If you would like to charge fees that cannot be incorporated into your rates (like a late check-in fee, pet fee, or bike rental fee), you must disclose these potential charges to guests prior to booking. Before booking a reservation, you can make a Special Offer for a custom price. After checkout, use the Resolution Center to securely request payment. Airbnb is not responsible for the collection of payments not incorporated into your pricing.

Please remember, host service fees and guest service fees are calculated from reservation subtotals.

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