3 tips to make your Airbnb listing stand out

Every Airbnb host has their own reason for hosting, from earning extra money to meeting new people or sharing their neighborhood. No matter your reasons, the first step is to create your Airbnb listing—and it’s completely free. Your listing is how potential guests find and book the space you want to share.

As you begin creating your listing, you’ll learn what details we ask for, the controls and settings you’ll have, and how reservations works. It’s essential to create a listing that focuses on the overall guest experience of your place, and not just the features it provides (although those are important, too!).

So before you dive into starting your Airbnb listing, check out 3 ways to make your listing shine for travelers who are searching for a unique place to stay—just like yours.

Use quality photos
Write an accurate description of your space
Create a great Airbnb host profile

Use quality photos

Guests spend more time exploring photos than any other part of a listing. Using quality photos helps paint a picture of what staying in your home will feel like. Consider these tips as you prepare to take photos.

Cleaning your space

Make sure the spaces included in your listing, like bathrooms and shared rooms, are clean and set up as they will be for guests so that their experience will match what’s on your listing page.

Consider sprucing up your space by adding flowers, artwork, and other decorative touches. Simple things like adding a cup of coffee to a dining table, or a book to a reading nook, can boost the attractiveness of your home in photos.

Taking your photos

Once you’ve cleaned and decorated your space, you’re ready to start taking photos. Pick a time during the day that allows you to photograph in natural light. Then, open your curtains and let the light in. While it might be tempting to use a flash, natural light is more appealing in photographs. Also, try taking photos from different corners of your room to create depth and help show off your style.

To showcase bedrooms well in photos, feature a bed made up with pillows and bedding. In bathroom photos, hide toiletries that may be less attractive such as toothbrushes or cleaning supplies. Kitchen photos shouldn’t include dirty dishes or food mess.

When it’s time to create your listing, the first five photos should highlight your home’s best features. Do you have a fireplace, hot tub, amazing views from your porch, or an incredible kitchen? If so, highlight them upfront.

Lastly, consider adding captions to add context to your photos.

Write an accurate description of your space

Your summary description is meant to be a brief overview of your place for guests to read before they get into the details of the listing. As you’re describing your place, write about what makes it special. Focus on the style, uniqueness, condition, and atmosphere of your space. Mentioning any luxuries on your property such as in-house laundry, stellar views, or free parking helps potential guests imagine themselves enjoying your place.

If there are pets or allergens in the space you’re listing, mention it in your description—even if they’re not going to be present when guests arrive.

Overcoming writer’s block

Try sitting with a friend and describing what it’s like to stay at your place. What are the qualities that come to mind? What are the elements that draw a reaction from your friend?

Naming your listing

Photographs are helpful, but they’re only part of the equation—your listing name is the first thing to appear in results. Go back to the selling points you came up with earlier, and consider mentioning one of them in your listing name. Is your place near special events or points of interest? If so, you can help visitors find the perfect place for their trip by changing your title to be relevant for those events or attractions.

Create a great Airbnb host profile

Just like every guest on Airbnb is different, every host and home on Airbnb is unique. Your profile is a great way for others to learn more about you before they book your space. When your profile is robust, it helps others feel assured that you're reliable and authentic.

We suggest using at least 50 words in your profile to show your personality and stand out from other hosts. Consider including your hobbies and interests, the kinds of music you like, or even a book you’re reading.

Also, adding a profile picture of yourself helps guests know who they’ll be staying with or who will welcome them to the space.

Add credibility

As a community built on trust and transparency, we encourage hosts to verify their identity when creating an Airbnb host profile. Once your profile is complete, you can require guests to provide identification before they book with you.

You can also ask for recommendations from friends, previous tenants, landlords, or other people who know you well. Recommendations help the Airbnb community feel more comfortable making a reservation with you.

No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, think about the details of your place and how they’ll help travelers envision themselves staying there. Your attention to detail may show guests you’ll be a host who’ll pay attention to the little things during their stay. So, in summary—to make your listing stand out, be descriptive when you write your listing description, use quality photos, and complete your host profile.

If you have a space to share with travelers, you’re just a few steps away from getting started and earning money as an Airbnb host.

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