Connecting to your preferred software partner

Airbnb works with leading software providers globally, and we want to make it easy for you to connect with them.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from hosts. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact your representative from your channel manager for more assistance.

My rates and calendar are incorrect.

As all rates and availability on Airbnb are pushed through your channel manager, please contact a representative from your respective channel manager for assistance. Our most popular partners in the UK & Ireland's contact details can be found below this page.

This sync problem can sometimes be an integration issue between Airbnb and your software. Hence, once this is raised to your channel manager's representative, they should be able to contact Airbnb's API tech team to find a solution.

I can't edit my listing details on Airbnb.

Check your sync settings by accessing your listings page. If your listings are on 'Everything Sync', all edits can and will only be made through your channel manager. Changing your sync setting to limited will enable to edit most fields of your listings. except for the rates and availability. These two settings can only be edited via your software. There's a video tutorial below showing you how you can change your sync setting on Airbnb.

I have duplicate listings that have been created.

Check to see if one is manually listed and if the other is API connected. If this is true, please contact the Customer Support team to assist you in deleting the extra listing and ensuring the mapping process is done correctly.

My listings are not syncing on Airbnb.

Click into your 'Listings' page on Airbnb to check if there are any error messages that are reflecting. Make sure to remedy the error messages so that you can sync your listings.

Hosts who have selected the Super Strict cancellation policies for their listings will most likely get an error because you would need to satisfy certain conditions in order to use these cancellation policies. One of them is to make sure that you enter your business details in your airbnb account settings.

Why can't I connect Airbnb to my software?

Make sure you are logged into the correct account while you add Airbnb as a channel in your software on a separate tab in your browser. If you are unable to do so or locate Airbnb in your list of channels, please contact your software partner and they will be able to sort it out for you.

Or, contact a representative from your respective channel manager for assistance. Their contact details can be found below this page.

Why am I getting an error and can't map my rate plans across?

Each listing needs to meet a minimum requirement for your software to successfully push it to Airbnb. Here are the requirements:

  • Include at least 8 characters in the listing title
  • Write at least 50 characters in the listing description field
  • Upload at least 7 photos, including 3 high-resolution (800x500 pixels) photos
  • Detail at least 5 amenities in your listing

More info here

Or, contact a representative from your respective channel manager for assistance. Their contact details can be found below this page. They would be able to read the error messages on your behalf

My listings are under the "Failed to Import" tab on Airbnb.
  1. Go to your Listings tab in your account
  2. You will see a "fix issue" button beside the listing that has failed to import.
  3. Go through the process of fixing the issue.
Other API connection-related questions

If you have other questions, please go to our hosting help center that contains top software-related questions to hosting.

How do I switch Channel Managers?

To switch channel managers, you should first disconnect your listings from your channel manager, and then disconnect your Airbnb account from it after.

  1. Disconnecting listings from channel manager.
  • Go to your Listings page
  • Select listings by ticking on the tick-boxes on the left of each listing
  • Click on "Edit Selected" on the top right of the page
  • A left panel will pop up. Scroll to find Sync Settings
  • Click on Disconnect
  1. Disconnecting Airbnb account from channel manager
How can I merge and publish connected listings?

If you already have an Airbnb account and existing listings, you may need to merge them with new listings created from your software. Merging listings ensures that you don’t create any duplicates and that you keep your existing content and reviews.

If you recently imported listings through your software, Airbnb will have sent you a confirmation email with directions of how to merge listings. You can also merge listings by going directly to the Airbnb Sync page.

Merging your listings

This is a mandatory step for when you have an existing manual listing on Airbnb, and you are connecting it to your software. You would need to merge both together to prevent having duplicates for the same listing. This will not be done automatically as you would need to log in to complete this step before you hit publish. You should also see a notification in your Airbnb Dashboard when you log in after you mapped listings from your channel manager.