Introducing Airbnb Social Connections

Find places to rent in your personal network.

See your connections

Stay with friends or alumni

With over 10 million nights booked, chances are someone you know has already used Airbnb. Social Connections helps you find accommodations with mutual friends, people from your alma mater, or hosts your friends recommend. Discover your trusted connections with hosts all over the world.

Find out what friends think

Find the best place for you with tailored search results. Social Connections highlight the best rentals in your social circles, endorsed by people that you know. Let your network find your best match.

Rest easy about privacy

Privacy is Airbnb’s priority: personal and private information are protected at all times. Social Connections are only displayed to those already in your social network. Turn this feature on or off at anytime at your Privacy page.

Over 600 million Airbnb connections and counting.

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What are Social Connections?

Social Connections allow the Airbnb community to see how they are connected to each other. Travelers can filter their search results to see places their friends have reviewed, as well as their connections to hosts through mutual friendships and school affiliations. See more details in our FAQ.

How can I enable Social Connections?

To enable Social Connections, you need to connect to Facebook at your Trust and Verification page. To create an Airbnb account right now by connecting to Facebook, simply click on the Facebook Connect button at the top of this page.

How can I opt out?

You can disable this feature with a single click at your Privacy page.

How does Airbnb work?