Why put your place on Airbnb?

You can turn your extra space into extra income, wherever you are.
By Airbnb on Jan 3, 2020
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Updated Nov 16, 2022


  • Earn extra money on your terms

      • Connect with guests and celebrate your local community

          • Get support and protection every step of the way

          Whatever your goals, hosting on Airbnb offers a fun, flexible way to meet them. You can welcome guests in any type of space, anywhere in the world, as seldom or often as you’d like.

          The money you earn can help you do things like pay household bills, save for a big life event, or cover the costs of your next vacation. Beyond bringing in some extra cash, opening your doors gives you opportunities to connect with travelers from around the globe and support your local community.

          Airbnb it on your terms

          When you host on Airbnb, you choose how and when you welcome guests. You can offer a shared or private space, whether you’re home or away.

          While some Hosts turn their hospitality into a business, others approach it casually. You can try hosting simply to coincide with a special event in your area or to keep your place occupied while you’re on vacation.

          “I love being my own boss,” says Magaly, a Superhost in East Wenatchee, Washington. “It’s a flexible way of living—the perfect balance of being able to mainly focus on my kids and yet still give my all in my side jobs.”

          Earn extra money

          In a recent survey, many Hosts said they put their space on Airbnb to earn money. They use the extra cash to help cover the rising costs of living, either to pay bills or have extra spending money.

          “I started hosting when I moved into my own home,” says Yuan, a Superhost in Singapore. “The steady income from listing my spare bedroom on Airbnb helps fund my daily expenses, since I went back to school and no longer have a full-time job.”

          In 2021, new Hosts worldwide earned a combined total of over $1.8 billion USD, up more than 30% in 2019. The median income for U.S. Hosts in 2021 was $13,800, an increase of 85% over 2019. And the opportunities for hosting—from occasional weekends to year-round—have continued to grow in 2022.

          “From the moment we listed on Airbnb, we haven’t looked back,” says Robin, a Superhost in Mount Barker, Australia. “We are fully booked month after month, and our earnings as Hosts, on top of our pension and other investments, gives us a really good lifestyle.”

          Celebrate your community

          The rewards for sharing your space go beyond your bank account. Hosts tell us celebrating their communities and connecting with interesting people they probably wouldn’t have met otherwise are other top perks.

          James and Roxanne, Superhosts in Holetown, Barbados, treat their guests to locally made items—like freshly baked cookies on the nightstand—that they also sell in a small shop on the property. “Guests often purchase more of our local Cane Dog Coffee after sampling it in their room,” James says.

          Brian, a Superhost with Hello House Hostel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, says he started hosting to experience travel while staying home. “The guests we’ve hosted have been amazing,” he says, “and we really enjoy their stories and return visits.”

          Get set up quickly

          You can turn virtually any space into an Airbnb. Whatever the reason you decide to host, it’s easy to get started.

          • Discover what you could earn in your location, or sign up to offer a place to stay to people in times of crisis
          • Receive one-to-one guidance from a Superhost, the option to welcome an experienced guest for your first reservation, and quick access to a specially trained team of Community Support agents through Airbnb Setup
          • Find out how you’re protected by AirCover for Hosts

          Putting your place on Airbnb can allow you to meet your financial goals, connect with people from all over the world, and become an entrepreneur on your terms. When you’re ready to offer guests a place to stay, we’ll help you every step of the way.

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          • Earn extra money on your terms

              • Connect with guests and celebrate your local community

                  • Get support and protection every step of the way

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