10 ways to improve your space

Get inspired to update your space with these tips and ideas from hosts like you.
By Airbnb on Apr 13, 2021
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Updated Apr 18, 2022


  • Even small updates can have a big impact, from a fresh coat of paint to new sheets

  • Make changes that can help reduce cleaning time, keep up with preventative maintenance, and focus on safety

  • Stay in your space to identify areas for improvement—and once you’ve made them, update your listing

From easy, affordable upgrades to larger renovations, there are so many ways to give your space a refresh. Here, we share some home improvement ideas from hosts like you. Whether you’re ready to tackle your to-do list now or planning something down the road, get ready to get inspired!

1. Remember that small updates can have a big impact

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or some everyday cleaning products to breathe new life into a room. Superhost Harold from Montreal, Canada, is planning a few “light renovations.” He’ll be “washing walls in high-traffic areas and painting the guest room and bathroom,” he says. “Painting is the best way to spruce up a space!” For an even simpler refresh, try changing out bed linens, adding new throw pillows, or just replacing the shower curtain.

2. Make the most of your slow season

Got larger upgrades in mind? Once you’ve identified your low-demand season, take advantage of it to make updates, especially if they’ll require your space to be unoccupied for a few days or weeks. “Winter here is a slow time, so it’s perfect for larger projects,” says host Martin of Proendos, Spain. Superhosts Delfina and Jorge from Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, notice that fewer guests check in during November, January, and February, which is when they “had all the furniture in the kitchen painted, changed the vacuum cleaner for a wireless one, and bought a new duvet.”

3. Take a second look at your guests’ first impression

When guests arrive at your door, what’s the first thing they notice? If it’s peeling paint or a badly lit walkway, you might be missing a chance to wow them right from the start. “As the weather gets better, we start with painting our front door,” says host Maria from Athens, Greece. And Superhost Markus of Dornbirn, Austria, is installing “new LED outdoor lights with motion detectors in the entrance area to our apartments.”

4. Make changes that can help you save time on cleaning

From furniture to fixtures, some changes can make cleaning your space faster (and more cost-efficient!). Superhost Beth from Flagstaff, Arizona, replaced her high-maintenance bed frame with a more streamlined "platform bed that does not require polishing.” And Superhost Beatriz of São Paulo, Brazil, has a neat trick for making hard-to-reach spots more accessible: “I'm going to put little wheels under some furniture to speed up the cleaning process.”

5. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances

Reducing the energy use in your space isn’t just better for the planet—it can also help you save on your bills. Host Markus from Dornbirn, Austria, plans to try out a smart thermostat: “I’m hoping this will reduce my heating costs, as I will be able to reduce the heating output [when the space is] unoccupied.” And Superhost Pete from Los Angeles “just added countdown timers for the bathroom ceiling heater and fan” to help his guests be more energy-conscious.

6. Keep up with preventative maintenance

Whether it’s replacing your HVAC filters, changing out lightbulbs, or dusting and resetting modems and routers, there are certain tasks you can do on a set schedule to keep everything in your space running smoothly. Depending on where you live, the local climate can add to your to-do list. “I replaced the toilet flapper chain with a piece of nylon cord, and I oil hinges on a regular basis,” says Superhost Sarah from Sayulita, Mexico, where humidity and salt in the air can erode metal fixtures.

7. Double-check your space’s safety preparedness

Updating your space for safety is always a worthwhile investment. “Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and signage for guests to follow in case of, heaven forbid, an accident or incident” are a good place to start, says Superhost Bryan from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. For peace of mind, stock your space with a fire extinguisher and first-aid kit. You should also familiarize yourself with any rules and regulations specific to your region.

8. Create a welcoming outdoor area

Guests love a nice green space, and you don’t need a sprawling backyard to create one. Superhost Lawrence of Parkville, Australia, is setting his sights high and “planning a potted garden on the roof deck. I will use indigenous coastal plants.” And Superhost Irwing from Panama City, Panama, is inspiring guests to enjoy a little time outside. “I want to make a garden on the balcony and add a patio furniture set to create a space where guests can connect with nature.”

9. Stay in your space to anticipate guests’ needs

If you’re not sure where to start, try putting yourself in your guests’ shoes. “Before you jump into a renovation or upgrade, pack a bag and stay in your own space for a couple of nights,” says Superhost Sarah of South Charleston, Ohio. “Then make a list of things you needed, missed, or that didn’t work quite as you imagined.” Be sure to go in through the guest entrance to get the full experience.

10. And don’t forget to update your listing!

Every improvement to your space is a chance to make your listing more compelling, so be sure to update your description, list of amenities, and photos. If you can, consider investing in professional photography like Superhost Jacqui from Worcester, U.K., did. “It was worth it,” she says. “Bookings went up.”

We hope these ideas get you thinking about all the ways you can improve your space now and in the months and years to come. 


  • Even small updates can have a big impact, from a fresh coat of paint to new sheets

  • Make changes that can help reduce cleaning time, keep up with preventative maintenance, and focus on safety

  • Stay in your space to identify areas for improvement—and once you’ve made them, update your listing

Apr 13, 2021
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