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Join Airbnb in providing frontline stays to 100,000 COVID-19 responders

Airbnb is partnering with hosts to connect 100,000 healthcare staff and first responders with places to stay that allow them to be close to their patients — and safely distanced from their own families. We may be apart, but we’ll get through this together.
How you can help
Both our partner organizations and individual COVID-19 responders are starting to use the Airbnb platform to find housing. We’ve created new ways for members of our community to support them during this difficult time.
Are you a COVID-19 responder? Get started

Our partner organizations

We’re working with businesses, nonprofits, and governments in some of the most impacted countries to ensure that we reach COVID-19 responders who need housing support.
International Rescue Committee
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Medical Corps

Help by hosting

You can make your space available to COVID-19 responders who’ve been reviewed by Airbnb or one of our partner organizations. We’re waiving all Airbnb fees for the first 100,000 bookings that happen through this program.

What you need to know

Your safety is our priority
We want to make sure you feel comfortable hosting COVID-19 responders in your place. That’s why we’ve created an extensive cleaning checklist for you and your guests to follow.
Airbnb fees waived
We want every dollar to support responders and their hosts. That's why we’re currently waiving all Airbnb fees for these stays.
Listing requirements
To protect the community and themselves, COVID-19 responders need entire listings with no people present.
Host COVID-19 responders
We’ll ask you to commit to our enhanced cleaning protocols before making your space available to them.
You can choose to offer your place for free, at a discount, or at full price. We’re currently waiving all Airbnb fees for these stays.
Offer your space

Help by donating

Donations will go to nonprofits supporting COVID-19 responders who need to stay near hospitals or stay isolated from their family.

How donations help

100% of your donation goes to one of our nonprofit partners that connects verified COVID-19 responders with places to stay. Donations are tax-deductible for donors in the United States.
Our partners will use your donation to connect COVID-19 responders with free housing as they fight on the front lines.
Donate to help provide stays for COVID-19 responders
Interested in partnering with us?
Reach out if you’re an organization looking for accommodations for healthcare staff and first responders on the front lines of COVID-19 response.
Contact us
Are you a COVID-19 responder?
Find a home specially prepared for first responders. Sign up and we'll review your info. If accommodations are available in your area, we'll invite you to book a stay. To help with costs, Airbnb is waiving fees for the first 100k stays booked through this program.
Get started
Your questions answered
Find out more information about the platform or how to host COVID-19 responders.
Go to our resource center
Coronavirus resource center
Find Airbnb’s recent COVID-19 updates, answers to your top questions, and new cleaning guidelines.
Go to our resource center