An expansive favela where makeshift homes climb high into the hills.

Local artisans, laughing children, and armed police tuck into Rocinha’s tiny alleyways. Between this colorful favela’s cramped, makeshift spaces, life flourishes despite dense urbanity and impoverished populations. Rocinha’s shortcomings are not celebrated, but it’s important to understand the neighborhood as a community that salvages its soul in spite of its obstacles.

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On the Map

Rocinha is bordered by Gávea, São Conrado, and Vidigal

Galeão International Airport: 39 minutes by cab without traffic
Santos Dumont Domestic Airport: 36 minutes by cab without traffic
Ipanema Beach: 23 minutes by cab or 40 minutes by bus
Lapa: 35 minutes by cab or 1 hour and 15 minutes by bus
Sugar Loaf Cable Car: 30 minutes by cab or 1 hour by bus
Corcovado's Train Station: 25 minutes by cab or 1 hour by bus

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Difficult

Crowded Spaces and Colorful Hillsides

rocinha favela valley foggy blaser38

Rocinha extends far into the valleys and up along the hillsides of Rio. As the city's largest favela, over eighty thousand resident crowd into its cramped, colorful spaces.

colorful businesses homes rio favela blaser32
rocinha hillside shanty town blaser28
rocinha walking bridge blaser33

Although the neighborhood lacks infrastructure and organization, Rocinha's residents make due with their surroundings.

brazilian favela blaser29
rio favela cars buildings blaser17
favela shanty town houses blaser31
crowded brightly painted apartments blaser30

Rocinha's perch along the hills offers a perspective of Rio many visitors never get to see.

rocinha coast beach blaser41
rocinha crowded valley surrounded lush vegetation blaser39

From Crowded to Communal

rocinha commercial street comen8457
rio de janeiro favela alleyway overhead wires comen8473

Until very recently, criminals took advantage of Rocinha's relative exclusion from the city's core concerns. Without the presence of police, drug-related crime and violent activity plagued Rocinha.

favela youth residentents boogie boarders comen8456

In 2011, Rio's government took action.

brazilian woman comen8520
woman pet kitten comen8507
motorbike passengers helmets comen8485

Although the favela's residents always supported each other, Rocinha is actively cultivating a palpable sense of community.

rio restaurant kitchen comen8527

Championing for increased organization, Rocinha is rallying to be considered a "comunidade" instead of a favela.

telephone wires tangled mess comen8534

Rocinha should be considered a community.

rio boy bodyboard advertisement poster comen8562
rocinha comunidade apartments comen8553
rio street delivery van comen8592

Like those living in Copacabana or Cosme Velho, Rocinha's inhabitants are proud to be a part of Rio, too.

Rocinha By Night

brazilian favela nighttime lights hills blaser9

Rio's largest favela is also its most developed.

rocinha at night overhead walkway blaser11
rio at night empty road street lamps blaser1
night sky rocinha sign bridge blaser3
brazil favela at night lights long exposure traffic blaser2


Airbnb works with local photographers to capture the spirit of neighborhoods all around the world. The photography on this page includes work by:

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Andre is both a dentist and photographer, living in Rio de Janeiro. He has a huge passion for Rio, and after shooting this project for Airbnb, he is certain that there is no place as beautiful as the city placed between the mountain and the sea.

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Fabio Blaser is a Swiss photojournalist based in Rio de Janeiro. Before moving to Brazil, he graduated from the University of Plymouth in the UK. When not behind his camera, he enjoys the beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and Brazilian way of life. He loved the opportunity to shoot the wonderful tropical city that he is privileged to call home for Airbnb.

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