Samba, forró, and choro emanate from Lapa’s packed nightclubs under an ancient aqueduct.

Unlike many of Rio’s most popular destinations, Lapa is not revered for its beachfront real estate or bikini-clad models. Although this south Rio neighborhood claims a bit of coastline, Lapa is known for something much more sultry: its signature rhythm. Sounds of samba, forró, and choro emanate from Lapa’s packed nightclubs—establishments bursting with passionate self-expression and all-night energy. The neighborhood’s colonial aqueduct and colorful parks promise that its cultural richness extends beyond the evening.

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On the Map

Lapa is within Centro and bordered by Cidade Nova, Glória, and Santa Teresa

Galeão International Airport: 25 minutes by cab without traffic
Santos Dumont Domestic Airport: 6 minutes by cab without traffic
Ipanema Beach: 19 minutes by cab or 45 minutes by metro
Sugar Loaf Cable Car: 10 minutes by cab or 45 minutes by bus
Corcovado's Train Station: 13 minutes by cab or 30 minutes by bus

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

Lapa's Bohemian Lifestyle

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The gathering place for Rio's artists, creatives, and revelers, Lapa's sea salt weathered facades beckon visitors to abandon the beach and head towards the aqueduct, if only for an evening.

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Unpretentious vintage shops and casual cafes serve residents and visitors by day, but the neighborhood's streets remain understatedly calm.

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Nighttime evokes drastically different attitudes. Lapa's streets transform from calm to clangorous, and the clamor couldn't be any livelier. Clubs like Circo Voador and Fundição Progresso attract Cariocas to dance the hours away while listening to Brazilian music.

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The Selarón steps, tiled by Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón, brighten the ascent into Lapa's core.

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Cariocas are beginning to appreciate Lapa for more than its bohemian attitudes and nighttime attractions.

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This centrally located neighborhood is slowly beginning to fill with full-time residents.

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Sure, Copacabana was big in the Sixties... If you're looking for a current authentic experience of Rio, you may want to consider this more diverse, culturally vibrant part of the city."

Marcelle & Davog

Hosts Cool & Creative Lapa Studio with AC

Lapa's Tourist Attractions

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How does a neighborhood compete with the allure of the beach?

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Lapa Blaser
2Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC

Lapa's street art, thrifts shops, ancient aqueduct, and artistic attitudes draw visitors to explore the neighborhood.

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Lapa is so lively, it's now Rio de Janeiro's second most popular tourist destination.

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Live music and engaging art spaces contribute to Lapa's mystique.

Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC2
2Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC
2Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC
2Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC

Brazilian snacks and small plates feed Lapa's hungry explorers, but the neighborhood's main attraction appears as the light fades.

2Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC
2Brazil RiodeJaneiro Lapa SC
Lapa is the heart of Rio - the most active area in the city. You're gonna have things to do even on a rainy day. And as for going to the beach, it is easy to just take a bus or a taxi."

Lapa After Sunset

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Lapa's adjacent-to-the-Centro location makes the neighborhood an easy choice for after-work drinks and late-night entertainment.

Lapa Blaser
Lapa Blaser
Lapa Blaser

The neon lights of the Rio Scenarium illuminate the way as crowds begin to file into Lapa's clubs, bars, lounges, and music venues.

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Lapa Blaser
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Although Lapa's indoor establishments attract revelers, the neighborhood's streets serve as a venue of their own.

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Lapa Blaser

All its residents need is a parcel of pavement.

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Lapa Blaser
Lapa Blaser
Lapa Blaser

Street vendors, sidewalk cafes, and city lights infuse Lapa with energy as samba and bossa nova emanate from second-story windows.

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In Lapa, the end of the day is the beginning of life.

With restaurants, market, pharmacy, parking around and all the facilities at your fingertips. In the heart of the carioca Bohemia, you will feel at home."


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