Kips Bay

Peaceful quietude permeates this neighborhood just minutes away from the wild side of Manhattan.

Kips Bay is rich in red brick apartment complexes and corporate comforts like Starbucks. You’ll never stray far from familiarity in this manageable and convenient neighborhood. Kips Bay feels stunningly residential, even against the backdrop of New York City streets. Pet-friendly, people-friendly, and surprisingly wallet-friendly in an infamously expensive city, Kips Bay keeps quiet and lets its neighbors (like Murray Hill) do the talking.

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On the Map

Kips Bay is within Manhattan and bordered by Midtown, Flatiron District, Murray Hill, East Village, Alphabet City, Midtown East, and Gramercy Park

JFK Airport: 25 minutes by cab without traffic
Laguardia Airport: 20 minutes by cab without traffic
Times Square: 24 minutes by subway
Wall Street / Financial District: 24 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

Simplicity in the City

kips bay apartments tam63

Conveniently located and strikingly calm, Kips Bay is a laid-back neighborhood well-suited for cool days and calm nights.

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You can still find serenity in Kips Bay, despite its location in NYC's midtown metropolis.

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Whether you're a biped or a quadruped, Kips Bay feels friendly.

dog walkers kips bay tam33

Walk this way.

Peace Along the East River

manhattan basketball game chain link fence tam57

Dunk, wonder, walk, or ride.

east river walkway kips bay tam42

Kips Bay's location on the East River offers serene reprieves from the city's clamor.

asser levy rec center nyc tam54
nyc east river boardwalk tam45
starbucks nyc tam

And familiar pleasures like sweet lattes.

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Neighborhood Nights

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Kips Bay might be quieter than nearby Murray Hill, but this neighborhood still knows how to be nocturnal.

rodeo bar grill nyc tam21
nighttime gramercy theater bus station tam15
full bar nightlife tam23

Casual bars, clubs, music venues, and movie theaters infuse Kips Bay with evening energy.

sitting sidewalk nighttime nyc tam13
painted door kips bay tam19
loews movies tam37
nyc benjamin restaurant tam05
nyc garbage tam93
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night time illuminated buildings tam14

Shine bright, big city.


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Kenn Tam is a Canadian photographer living and working in New York City's Manhattan, that specializes in portraits and street photography. And yes, he was that high school year book guy with a 50mm lens for a face.