Greek food, exotic microbrews, and mom and pop shops in an easy-to-reach Queens locale.

If you’re looking for great Greek food or an exotic microbrew, look no further than Astoria. This northern Queens neighborhood exudes a youthful charm and welcoming attitude. In Astoria, mom-and-pop shops snuggle up to humble townhouses whose residents address one another by name. Strikingly diverse groups of people intermingle with appreciative ease in this laid-back neighborhood’s various culinary destinations and quiet streets.

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On the Map

Astoria is within Queens and bordered by Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, Woodside, Ditmars / Steinway, and Sunnyside

JFK Airport: 22 minutes by cab
Laguardia Airport: 10 minutes by cab
Wall Street / Financial District: 40 minutes by subway
Times Square: 20 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

Greek Flavors In a Welcoming Queens Neighborhood

nyc greek bakery blaylock21

Fancy Greek sweets share Queens with creative microbrews in this down-to-earth and diverse neighborhood.

greek sweets baklava blaylock23

Astoria entices visitors to leave Manhattan for a taste of its Greek flavors. Here, baklava is still made by hand, and no stick of butter is spared.

astoria ethnic restaurants blaylock29
astoria greek flag tam74
nyc astoria bakery blaylock24

The neighborhood also supports a variety of ethnic shops, markets, and restaurants.

ny sinbad hookah lounge restaurant tam100
sidewalk scene astoria tam98
egyptian coffee shop hookah tam96
nyc naseem meat market grocery tam103

Together In Queens

astoria subway station family blaylock39

Astoria boasts a healthy mix of community members.

ny queens library tam14
sidewalk scene groceries tam16
astoria playground tam64

Parents and school-children share the neighborhood's libraries, sidewalks, and specialty shops with an influx of creative beer brewers and creatives with beards.

museum of the moving image biker blaylock34
astoria street art tam90
astoria residential street tam28
nyc queens residential street tam39

The neighborhood's residential streets are calm, cool, and not complex.

row homes queens tam40
sidewalk scene strollers astoria tam25

Residents embrace their simplicity.

Around Astoria

fresh fruit sale queens tam05

Residents adore Astoria for its seamless blend of small-town charm and Manhattan-bound centrality.

ditmars blvd 31st street pizza palace tam08

Its main streets' colorful awnings look a little more approachable than their Manhattan counterparts' looming billboards and flashing signs.

fattys cafe nyc tam30
waltz astoria tam32
ny queens residential street tam49

In Astoria, you have quietude to hear your thoughts and space to create.

astoria park tam52
queens hell gate bridge tam42
hell gate bridge park tam53
35th street hailing taxi tam115


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