South Beach

Across the bay from Downtown, party time is all the time in Miami's hottest destination.

Immortalized by movies, TV shows, and one that’s been both, South Beach is Miami’s scene-stealing sultry star. With its reputation as a Floridian Vegas, SoBe’s short shorts, high heels, and chiseled abs never slow down. When it comes to sunning, shopping, dining, and dancing until tomorrow morning, prepare to indulge. No matter how many senses you have, South Beach stimulates them all. Sleep? You can do that on the plane.

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On the Map

South Beach is within Miami Beach

Miami Airport: 20 minutes by car or 45 minutes by public transit
South Beach (5th and Ocean): 5 minutes by car
American Airlines Arena: 15 minutes by car
Bal Harbour Shops: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

Miami's Sultriest Outdoor Playground

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When visitors venture to Miami, their first destination is usually South Beach. Across Biscayne Bay from mainland Miami, Miami Beach's southern-most neighborhood is also its sexiest.

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Drive east along the MacArthur Causeway and find yourself in South Beach, an outdoor paradise filled with white sand, tan skin, candy-colored bags, and miles of shops, clubs, and shoreline.

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Colloquially called SoBe, South Beach spins with energy.

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In South Beach, sleek style and sophisticated sunglasses aren't an option.

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In South Beach, the outdoors is embraced like it's the indoors.

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Pedestrians are pervasive in this glamorous beachfront locale.

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South Beach's sidewalks are streaming fashion shows.

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They offer endless hours of stylish observation from patio tables and park spaces.

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Here, the art of looking good is practiced by all ages.

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While Ocean Drive and Collins and Washington Avenue comprise the South Beach many outsiders envision, the neighborhood hides special gems along local hotspots like Alton Road and Española Way.

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Viva Miami.

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Bienvenidos a South Beach.

Blue Sea, Blue Sky: South Beach's Waterfront Paradise

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South Beach is world renowned for its natural beauty.

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It effortlessly blends high-energy evenings with ultra-relaxing afternoons.

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Beautiful people sprawl in the sand along its seemingly endless stretches of beach.

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Lounging comes easy.

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Staying active is simple.

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Pick a kite, a beach, a board, or a park.

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Several green spaces line South Beach's miles of coast.

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Despite its reputation as an ultimate party destination, South Beach offers wholesome alternatives to indulgent activities.

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Families flock to 3rd Street Beach while monokinied revelers recuperate at 10th Street.

Welcome to South Beach, home to a variety of cultures, the arts, and ocean town living!"

South Beach's Art Deco Opulence

Miami south beach Ocean Drive MG5521

Art Deco influence permeates South Beach's famous Ocean Drive.

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Preservationists protect SoBe's ubiquitously beloved facades, many of which date back to the 1930s.

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Their pastel accents and bright-white exteriors paint a South Beach to which none other can compare.

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When the sand becomes too hot, South Beach bathers head to the nearest pool to cool down.

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Leisure time is unlike any other in South Beach.

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Looking Good: A Healthy Obsession

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In South Beach, looking good feels fundamental.

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The neighborhood is known for its rigorous workouts, trendsetting diets, superfood fanatics, and organic offerings.

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In SoBe, living healthily is a way of life.

Getting Around In South Beach

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Getting to and from South Beach is easy with an automobile, but when you're in South Beach, getting around by bike is best.

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Renting a bike is simple, and the two-wheeled vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at any of a hundred stations.

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It's so Miami.

South Beach's Non-Stop Nightlife

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Shopping and shoreside recreation comprise South Beach's daytime draws, but SoBe's real buzz comes from its non-stop, always alluring, ceaselessly cinematic nightlife.

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Hundreds of bright lights, big DJ sets, and pulse-pounding clubs and lounges line South Beach's main thoroughfares, Ocean Drive and Collins and Washington Avenue.

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In South Beach, your evening ends the next morning.

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