Los Feliz

Airy homes, vegan eateries, and craft cocktail bars under the watchful eye of the Griffith Observatory.

Elegantly disheveled, Los Feliz mixes a meticulously curated image with an ultra-cool attitude. Idyllic homes rest in the shade of this north LA neighborhood's hillside foliage while its observatory rises above the chaparral and offers otherworldly views of the sprawling city below. Spend your afternoon sipping free-trade coffee and snoozing on the grass at Griffith Park. Spend your evenings swirling craft cocktails and screening films at its historic theatre. Los Feliz leaves you happy.

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On the Map

Los Feliz is within Hollywood and bordered by East Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Atwater Village, and Silver Lake

LAX Airport: 35 minutes by car or 1 hour & 45 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 35 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 15 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

High Style In the Hills of Hollywood

little free library frontyard staniloff013

Los Feliz's exuberant attitude seems to emanate from its front-yard libraries and its boutiques' front doors.

pop killer dept vermont ave staniloff042

The neighborhood embraces bold colors, bold styles, and bold flavors.

glory motorclye fashion hollywood blvd staniloff027
los feliz restaurant back patio staniloff007
los angeles vintage shopping staniloff024

Equal parts hip and homey, Los Feliz's houses sport front stoops meant for sitting.

craftsman cottage north la staniloff044

The neighborhood's nicest homes nestle into the foliage north of Hollywood Boulevard.

los feliz hills residences staniloff010
los angeles residential street staniloff008

The higher you ascend into the hills, the higher the ceilings rise. Many of Los Feliz's hilltop homes host celebrity inhabitants.

barnsdall park evening couple bohler0524
shoe repair shop cobbler bohler0067
los feliz cafe customer bohler0483

Whether in the shop, at the counter, or cross-legged on the grass, Los Feliz feels like home.

home restaurant entrance evening bohler0475

There's no place like it.

Flavors of Los Feliz

los feliz restaurant cashier plaid shirt bohler0041

The epitome of bohemian chic, Los Feliz's cafes, diners, and envelope-pushing culinary artists contribute to the neighborhood's savory reputation.

cafe figaro vermont ave laptop work bohler0443
creme brulee dessert display bohler0402
cafe figaro los feliz homemade bread bohler0422

Here, homemade flan, pan, and crème brûlée are common.

french cafe outdoor sidewalk seating staniloff036

Here, espresso is an everyday indulgence.

french restaurant daily menu bohler0447
los feliz fine bar wine bohler0450

Here, you can find both fine dining and a Fine Diner.

fred fine diner outdoor table bohler0455

Look up.

farfalla trattoria hillhurst ave bohler0103
los feliz bar restaurant staniloff004
los feliz taco shop staniloff016

Here, there's a mix of order-at-the-counter establishments and make-reservations-a-month-in-advance places.

yucas tacos hillhurst avenue los angeles staniloff002
palermo italian restaurant sign bohler3341

Order at the counter.

dresden restaurant mosaic sign bohler0366

Make reservations.

ramekin made from scratch ice cream desserts chef bohler0331

Edible art is the most tasteful art.

ramekin la ice cream dessert bohler0323
los angeles ramekin desserts bohler0342

Third spoon not pictured.

half eaten dessert bohler0352

We saved you the last bite.

The Look of Los Feliz

los feliz second hand shopping staniloff018

Venture south from Los Feliz's northern hillsides and find the latest old fashions at the neighborhood's thrift stores.

los felis knick knack shopping staniloff022
los feliz gift shopping staniloff023

When you want help on your hunt for style, Los Feliz's vintage shops and minimalist-leaning boutiques offer curated clothing experiences.

mens boutique staniloff028
pop killer store bohler0377
roadhouse neon sign mens boutique staniloff032
los angeles clothing gifts boutique bohler3324

Denizens of Los Feliz find their fashion around town.

spitfire girl hillhurst ave staniloff046
spitfire girl employee bohler0077
los feliz shoe store staniloff072
home design art shopping bohler0087

They brush up on their novel ideas, too.

skylight books vermont ave bohler3361
los angeles skylight bookstore bohler3372

When it comes to vocabulary-enhancing pastimes, Skylight Books is a veritable Los Angeles institution.

skylight books customer staniloff038

Griffith Observatory By Day

griffith observatory daytime visitors devon0827

Perched atop Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory offers sweeping views of Downtown, Hollywood, and the horizon line that separates sea from sky.

griffith observatory laying lawn devon0839
griffith observatory cloudy day devon0833
hollywood sign gray clouds green hillside devon0804
griffith observatory nighttime illuminated bohler0270

You look nice in your evening attire, Griffith Observatory.

The Griffith Observatory At Sunset

vintage chevrolet sun setting kalmbach017

Getting to Griffith Observatory in time for sunset calls for celebration.

sunset griffity observatory balloons kalmbach006

You'll find yourself floating somewhere above the city's big sprawl and somewhere beneath the city's big sky.

kissing couple sunset los angeles views bohler0204
self portraits sunset griffith observatory city views bohler0210
dusk los angeles skyline views griffith park bohler0226

It's a good moment.

sunset observers griffith observatory lookout kalmbach066

We're grateful to share it with you.

Los Feliz By Night

los feliz cinemas theater since bohler0371

Theatres, bars, clubs, and even Los Feliz's barber shops open as the sun sets.

sweeny todds barber shop at night staniloff050
umami burger los feliz dinner time staniloff051

The neighborhood's nightlife reflects its daytime demeanor—stylish and unselfconsciously cool.

hipster bar staniloff062

Its single-screen Vista Theatre has been changing its reels since 1923.

los feliz vista theatre staniloff047

Roll the credits.


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