Boyle Heights

Taco trucks and neighborhood plazas pepper this mainly residential neighborhood just east of LA's core.

Mariachi, mariscos, and murals comprise this on-the-border neighborhood between Downtown and East Los Angeles. A vibrant community whose cultural richness is matched by its culinary richness, Boyle Heights is a mainly residential neighborhood that provides convenient access to livelier locales like Downtown and the Arts District. Watch the day unfold in the neighborhood's favorite plaza or take yourself on a taco truck tour—Boyle Heights is at once sweet, mild, and picante.

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On the Map

Boyle Heights is bordered by Lincoln Heights, Commerce, Vernon, East Los Angeles, Downtown, and Arts District

LAX Airport: 25 minutes by car or 1 hour & 30 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 25 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 20 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 30 minutes by car
The Grove: 25 minutes by car

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Simple On the Eastern Outskirts of Downtown

farmacia ramirez east la devon0557

Skirting Downtown LA, this spirited East Side neighborhood sounds cool, smells appetizing, and salsa dances to its own ryhthm.

east la resident beanie devon0285
father son market entrance devon0604

Boyle Heights has always kept its beat.

candelas guitars chavez avenue devon0512

In business for over 80 years, Candelas Guitars has outfitted countless musicians with instruments that resonate with artists worldwide.

good neighbor pharmacy soto street devon0624

Boyle Heights dismisses pretention in favor of pragmatism.

retail shops boyle heights devon0663
discount vhs dvds for sale devon0587
boyle heights clothing store devon0683

Its storefronts fill with affordable amenities.

little boy walking dog scooter devon0252

Its sidewalks fill with happy tricyclists and happier four-legged friends.

sidewalk sales boyle heights devon0577
east la vanegas barber shop devon0537

A predominantly Latino and Hispanic neighborhood, bilingual window displays and business monikers often come standard in Boyle Heights.

boyle ave brick buildings devon0737

Welcome to Boyle Heights.

los angeles sprawl devon0333

Bienvenidos a Boyle Heights.

Mariachi Plaza: Boyle Heights' Outdoor Living Room

mariachi plaza sun setting devon0809

Donated by Jalisco, Mexico, the Mexican state responsible for the birth of Mariachi music, Mariachi Plaza's central gazebo mirrors similar acoustic structures found in Mexico.

latino american community plaza market devon0797

The plaza enlivens with street vendors, craft stalls, and mariachi bands for hire.

outdoor market boyle heights fresh fruit devon0759
mariachi plaza shopping devon0793

From day to evening, its crowds continue to play.

plaza latin dancing devon0917

Salsa, samba, rumba.

community plaza dancing evening devon0962
boyle heights couple devon1036

Step, slide, and swing in Mariachi Plaza.

dancing couple street lamps plaza devon1003
night market la devon1083
young boys skateboarding plaza boyle heights devon1044

Boyle Heights' Culinary Culture

la estrella mexican food truck devon0297

Taco trucks, walk-up order windows, and endless baskets of freshly fried chips characterize Boyle Heights' top culinary culture.

mexican restaurant wall mural devon0305
la estralla tacos ricos food truck devon0289
mariachi trio accordion guitars devon0042

Mariachi music often accompanies your appetizer.

mexican restaurant family eating mariachi music devon0110
diner boyle heights devon0853
family eating mexican lunch devon0097

Diner tables and outdoor benches are more common than candlelit restaurants.

flour tortillas fresh mexican salad devon0101

Mariscos 4 Vientos draws a crowd for their camarón tacos.

mariscos vientos restaurant mariachi devon0143
la mariscos vientos seafood mexican restaurant devon0130

Boyle Heights' dining scene offers more than Mexican food.

jims burgers east la devon0708

Burger joints and simple diners provide culinary alternatives.

pouring wine restaurant bar devon1077
carnes al carbon restaurant abierto devon1089
latino restaurant dinner time devon1069

For the most part, Boyle Heights' sabor especial is inherited from its Latino heritage.

mexican restaurant valentines day decorations devon1101

Buen sabor.

Boyle Heights' Historic Past

historic boyle heights mosaic devon0644

During the 1900s, Boyle Heights served as a gateway neighborhood for new immigrants.

los angeles evergreen cemetery memorial devon0411

Evidence of Boyle Heights' diverse past remains in the neighborhood.

boyle heights cemetery devon0366
evergreen cemetery devon0447
japanese gravestones evergreen cemetery devon0399

Evergreen Cemetery, a final place of rest for over 300,000 individuals, embodies Boyle Heights' historic diversity. The cemetery's separate sections are reserved for Armenian, Japanese, and early Mexican settlers.

jewish temple boyle heights devon0701
mariachi plaza dusk devon0729

Boyle Heights was also the heart of Los Angeles' Jewish community during the early 20th century.

breed street schul la devon0688

Breed Street Schul served as a communal hub for the area's Jewish population.

Boyle Heights' Brilliance

che guevara we are not minority mural devon0223

Boyle Heights celebrates its Latino Heritage through bold murals and two-story testimonies.

boyle heights residential wall murals devon0034
boyle heights apartments street art devon0022
east la graffiti devon0168

The neighborhood's painted walls weave its personal tapestry.

graffiti tire swing dreams of flight devon0187
metamorphasis street mural devon0014

Close Quarters In Boyle Heights

boyle heights fenced houses devon0457

Big estates aren't emblematic of Boyle Heights.

los angeles apartments hanging laundry devon0001

The east-of-Downtown neighborhood lives convivially side by side.

old rusted car devon0275
apartment complex playground los angeles devon0037
boyle heights ice cream truck mother mary decal devon0473

Small yards mean short distances between you and saying hello to your neighbor.

view boyle heights neighborhoods devon0336

Hello, neighborhood.

Convenient Transportation In Los Angeles

boyle heights subway station devon0751

Boyle Heights' central location, multiple bus lines, and two subway stops make the neighborhood a convenient stage for exploring Downtown and the rest of East LA.

los angeles metrolink devon0830



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