An everyday bayside community with convenient access to the airport.

Located less than a half hour from Boston proper, Winthrop boasts miles of coastline. This close-knit ocean community is comprised of local fishermen and city commuters who find solace in the neighborhood’s remote-feeling atmosphere. Consider Winthrop’s proximity to Logan Airport, however, and the neighborhood’s occasional aerospace noise serves as a reminder that you’re not too far from a bustling city center.

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Winthrop is bordered by Revere and East Boston

Logan International Airport: 13 minutes on public transportation
Boston Common: 20 minutes on public transportation
Harvard Square: 24 minutes on public transportation
Downtown Boston: 18 minutes on public transportation

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Easy

A Quiet Suburb at the North Entrance of the Boston Harbor

school kids biking winthrop ls14

Winthrop's residential streets were meant for after-school activities.

residential balcony kids ls3

Riding bikes and kicking back on the balcony are some of the neighborhood's favorite pastimes.

yachts parked river ls4
white boat yacht ls21
airplane blue sky winthrop ls7

Only the lulling cadence of airplane engines interrupts its residential calm.

summer beach winthrop ls37

For the most part, Winthrop maintains a serene beach-community attitude.

sandy coastline lighthouse boston ls9
sandy beach seagulls ls16
beach houses winthrop ls5

It boasts seven beaches in total.

summer day houses boston ls23
corner pink boston house ls22
children bikes streets ls44
harborside suburban house ls10

This harborside suburb is favored by boating enthusiasts.

red car parked boat ls26

When your boat is bigger than your car, you're in luck.

ocean waves beach winthrop ls17
day tides harbor ls29
boston downtown view winthrop ls35

Visions of Boston's Downtown peer at Winthrop from across the harbor.

streetside homes summer day ls30

Leaving Winthrop's homey embrace is hard to do.

Eating Well and Resting Easy In Winthrop

white wodden patio chairs ls11

In Winthrop, patio chairs are paramount.

white kicked red lobster ls45
red lobster house sign ls13
seafood restaurant sign winthrop ls2

Seafaring signs add to the neighborhood's nautical flair while fresh seafood restaurants add to its culinary appeal.

big seafood menu ls15
cute dogs licking ls19

How could we resist?


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