Klong Toey

Mangroves, community outreach centers, and the largest wet market in Bangkok's major port.

Up at dawn and working until the next day's morning, fishing boats and fish markets thrive along the Chao Phraya River in Klong Toey. South of central Bangkok, Klong Toey shares the city center's inclinations for the delightfully haphazard and the certainly crowded. Serving as the city's largest port and home to its most expansive slum, Klong Toey has historically been an immigrant refuge and working individual's respite from mainstream Bangkok.

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On the Map

Klong Toey is bordered by Yan Nawa, Suan Luang, Lower Sukhumvit, Pathum Wan, Sathorn, Phra Khanong, Thong Lo, and Upper Sukhumvit

Suvarnabhumi Airport: 30 minute drive or 50 minutes with public transit and Airport Link
Siam BTS Skytrain Station: 30 minutes by pubic transit
Khao San Road: 50 minutes by public transit
Asok BTS Skytrain Station: 10 minutes by public transit

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

An Urban Fishing Village Along the Chao Phraya

bangkok klongtoey bronstein35

Downriver from central Bangkok, Klong Toey escapes the shadows of skyscrapers and embraces the shadows cast by colored awnings and ferry canopies.

Klong Toei77
Klong Toei54

Mom-and-pop shops edge this riverside neighborhood's slender streets and contribute to its bustling port-town atmosphere.

Klong Toei64

As street taxis and water taxis ferry people and goods throughout the neighborhood and further, Klong Toey's make-up becomes more and more mixed.

Klong Toei26
Klong Toei20

Dock workers, commuters, farmers, shippers, and shop owners converge in Klong Toey.

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Bangkok's largest slum is located in Klong Toey, too.

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In Klong Toey, all of the neighborhood's residents are part of its fabric.

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bangkok klongtoey bronstein24

It's all part of the neighborhood's reality.

bangkok klongtoey bronstein103

The sun still rises on Klong Toey.

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Bangkok's Largest Wholesale Wet Market

Klong Toei31

Named for the vast amounts of water used to wash its walkways and nourish its live flora and fauna, the wet market in Klong Toey draws locals and restaurant owners around the clock.

Klong Toei27

Despite its 24 hour accessibility, its crowds seldom seem to thin.

Klong Toei34
Klong Toei35

At times, it's chaotic.

Klong Toei39

Always, it's pungent.

Klong Toei36
Klong Toei46

Its small moments are the moments you'll mostly remember.

Klong Toei51

It's easier to feel local at Klong Toey's wet market.

Klong Toei93
Klong Toei82

Travelers don't often make it here.

Klong Toei81

Many Klong Toey inhabitants make it a daily ritual.

Klong Toei53

Klong Toey's Exchanges, Convention Centers, and Stadiums

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Convention centers and sports stadiums rise along the water's edge in Klong Toey.

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bangkok klongtoey bronstein16

From book fairs to dance competitions and professional conferences, the Queen Sirikit Convention Center hosts a multitude of events.

bangkok klongtoey bronstein75

The national Stock Exchange of Thailand also calls Klong Toey home.

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Muay Thai matches take place at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

bangkok klongtoey bronstein87

Am nuay phawn.

Community Activism In Klong Toey

Klong Toei8

Klong Toey residents have historically experienced discrimination when entering the workplace. The Helping Hands organization supports Klong Toey's inhabitants and slum dwellers with micro-lending initiatives so they can start their own small businesses.

Klong Toei9
Klong Toei13

Poo's Cooking School takes visitors on interactive tours to Thai markets and then leads cooking demonstrations at their school in Klong Toey's slum.

Klong Toei10

Helping Hands' most recent initiative, Munjai Cafe, offers Klong Toey's residents a way to learn the skill of coffee and beverage making.

Klong Toei16
Klong Toei18

Munjai means "confidence," and that's what Munjai Cafe hopes to cultivate in its students.

Klong Toei19

The cafe serves as a stepping stone to future employment opportunities.

Bang Krachao: The Green Lungs of Bangkok

Bang Na Prapadaeng20

A 10 minute ferry from Klong Toey, Bang Krachao park flourishes with mangrove trees and lush orchards.

Bang Na Prapadaeng17
Bang Na Prapadaeng14

Hidden away from the rest of Bangkok, Bang Krachao feels like another world.

Bang Na Prapadaeng18
Bang Na Prapadaeng19

Its vast expanses of tropical greenery are popular among cyclists.

Bang Na Prapadaeng3

Ferries headed for Bangkok's "Green Lungs" leave room for bikes.

Bang Na Prapadaeng22
Bang Na Prapadaeng21


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