Din Daeng/Huai Khwang

This mostly residential suburban outpost boasts so many shopping and entertainment options that you'll never have to leave.

Din Daeng and Huai Khwang blend so seamlessly together that it's difficult to tell where one neighborhood ends and the other begins. The areas share urban sentiments in a suburban setting, allowing their residents to feel far away from the frenzy of the city without feeling removed from its energy. Malls, massage parlors, and markets prevail in the area, but what's most surprising is Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's ever-evolving nightlife scene—some of Bangkok's best DJs spin along Royal City Avenue.

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Din Daeng/Huai Khwang is bordered by Thong Lo, Lower Sukhumvit, Victory Monument, Aree, Ratchathewi/Phaya Thai, Upper Sukhumvit, Wang Thonglang, Lat Phrao, Suan Luang, Bang Kapi, and Chatuchak

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Suvarnabhumi Airport: 25 minute drive or 30 minutes by public transit and Airport Link Express
Khao San Road: 45 minutes by public transit
Siam BTS Skytrain Station: 20 minutes pubic transit
Asok BTS Skytrain Station: 15 minutes public transit

A Self-Sustaining Suburbia: Din Daeng/Huai Khwang

Din Daeng Huary Quang38

Less congested than central Bangkok, Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's suburban pace offers an unembellished alternative to Bangkokians looking for quieter communities.

Din Daeng Huary Quang40
Din Daeng Huary Quang39

Northeast of Silom and Siam Square, Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's food stalls and family-run markets bring life to the streets that diverge from the neighborhood's main road, Ratchadaphisek Road.

Din Daeng Huary Quang41

The MRT stops along Ratchadaphisek Road make it easy to get from one end of Din Daeng/Huai Khwang to another.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Although apartments still huddle together behind brightly colored street signs and shop advertisements, Din Daeng/Huai Khwang feels more small-town than big-city.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

It still boasts urban amenities.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

It just boasts them with a suburban steadiness.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's numerous shops, markets, bars, clubs, and housing options allow its residents to venture to Bangkok's center because they want to, not because they have to.

Din Daeng Huary Quang35

It's nice to know the core of the city is only an urban adventure away.

The neighborhood is filled with many flourishing activities; this is an underrated part of Bangkok. You will find many expatriates staying in this area, drawn to its suburban lifestyle and the intimate connection to the locals. This is a place where you can truly experience how a Thai local leads his/her daily life."

A Market Day and Night In Huai Khwang

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Huai Khwang's daytime market stays open until the evening.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

The shoppers perusing its seemingly endless stalls and kiosks are mostly locals.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

It feels like a hidden treasure that most outsiders never seek.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Food stands and floral artists populate the market.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Thai flower garlands are said to bring good luck and ensure safe travels.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Be at peace when you see them hanging from the rear view mirror of your taxi or tuk-tuk.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

You're a prince.

Our area is known for being among the latest open and has food, shopping, massage, music, etc... until about 5 a.m. Swell area for night owls like us!"

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Thailand Cultural Center: Celebrating Thai Traditions

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

The Thailand Cultural Center in Huai Khwang hosts a variety of concerts, cultural exhibitions, live performances, and special events.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

The center engages visitors from all over the world who are eager to learn about Thai traditions.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Theatre, song, and dance take center stage.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Community Space In Din Daeng/Huai Khwang

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Bike-riding and game-playing fill the agenda for Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's neighborhood kids.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng
bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Sapak Takraw and basketball inspire friendly competition.

bronstein hkhwang ddaeng

Suburban Shopping In Din Daeng/Huai Khwang

Din Daeng Huary Quang29

Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's suburban amenities don't end with outdoor markets and public playgrounds.

Din Daeng Huary Quang30
Din Daeng Huary Quang16

Malls like Central Plaza, Esplanade Bangkok, and Fortune Town replace the neighborhood's need to go to Siam Square to shop.

Din Daeng Huary Quang10

Fortune Mall focuses on technology products while Central Plaza and Esplanade Bangkok follow the latest fashion trends.

Din Daeng Huary Quang26
Din Daeng Huary Quang12
Din Daeng Huary Quang27
Din Daeng Huary Quang18

Its food courts, theatres, and ice skating rinks offer Din Daeng/Huai Khwang's residents additional entertainment options.

Din Daeng Huary Quang6
Din Daeng Huary Quang13
Din Daeng Huary Quang22

Practice your triple salchow at the top floor of Central Plaza.

Din Daeng Huary Quang20

Perfect 10.

Wild Nightlife on Royal City Avenue

Din Daeng Huary Quang43

Royal City Avenue, or RCA, fills with locals and nearby Bangkokians looking to spend the evening reveling underneath fluorescent lights.

Din Daeng Huary Quang47

Countless dance clubs, music venues, late-night restaurants, and amusement parks line RCA.

Din Daeng Huary Quang64
Din Daeng Huary Quang48
Din Daeng Huary Quang54

New hotspots emerge every week.

Din Daeng Huary Quang44

Keeping up with the trends means constant trips to Royal City Avenue.

Din Daeng Huary Quang66
Din Daeng Huary Quang61
Din Daeng Huary Quang73

Raise your arms at Novel Club or feel the bass drop at Route 66.

Din Daeng Huary Quang51

Show's on.


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