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    How do Airbnb gift cards work?

    Purchasing gift cards

    To purchase Airbnb digital gift cards that can be sent via email or text, please visit our Airbnb gift cards program page.

    Airbnb gift cards can also be purchased at various retailers in stores throughout the United States.

    Currently, gift cards can only be purchased and redeemed by individuals in the United States with a payment method that was issued in the United States.

    To order gift cards in bulk, visit our corporate purchasing site. Bulk orders require a $1,000 USD purchase minimum.

    Gift card purchases are non-refundable.

    Redeeming gift cards

    Note: You’ll need to have a payment method that was issued in the United States before you can redeem a gift card.

    To redeem a gift card, add the funds from the card balance to your account:

    1. Sign in to your account or sign up for Airbnb
    2. Go to our gift card redemption page
    3. Enter the gift card number (numbers only, do not include spaces or dashes)
    4. Enter the alphanumeric PIN
    5. Click or tap Redeem gift card

    Once a gift card has been added to your Airbnb account, the funds won’t expire. The redeemed funds cannot be transferred to another Airbnb account.

    Gift card funds can be used to pay for most stay and experience bookings on Airbnb. When you book, the balance from any gift card funds on your account will be automatically applied.

    Gift card funds can’t be used to pay for the following:

    Checking the balance

    To view your redeemed gift card balance, go to payment methods in your account. You’ll find a section called Airbnb gift credit with the current balance. Expand to review a list of gift cards applied to your account. Gift credits will only appear after you have successfully redeemed gift cards and the credit has been applied to your Airbnb account.

    More info

    To find out more about how gift cards work, read Airbnb’s Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

    If you're having trouble with your digital gift card purchase on Airbnb, please reach out to for assistance.

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