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Traveling with other adults? You can invite co-travelers to your reservation to give them access to check-in info and all messages with the Host. Once the reservation is confirmed, guests, Hosts, Co-Hosts, and co-travelers can message each other in a single thread, making coordinating trips or experiences a breeze.

Inviting a co-traveler

You can invite up to 15 co-travelers to your reservation. Co-travelers must be 18 or older and must have an Airbnb account. If your friends and family aren’t on Airbnb yet, here’s how to get them started. Co-travelers who accept an invite from the primary booker will be able to communicate with the stay’s Host, Co-Hosts, and fellow guests.

Be aware that co-traveler invite links expire at checkout, trip cancellation, or if the primary booker disables the link.

Removing a co-traveler

To remove a co-traveler, go to the reservation details page for your trip, then click or tap the profile pictures to go to the travel group page. Select the profile of the person you’d like to remove and select Remove. They will lose access to the trip details page and the group message thread with your Host.

If you are the primary booker you can also disable the trip link so it can’t be used to access the trip details page. Go to the travel group page, select More options, and choose Disable trip link. If you share the trip again a new link will be generated.

What co-travelers can do

Co-travelers who accept the trip invite will be automatically added to your message thread with the Host. They will be able to see all previous messages in the thread and can send messages of their own. Too many notifications? Guests and Hosts can mute new message notifications for a specific thread.

If a co-traveler removes themselves or is removed by you, they will be removed from the group thread and can no longer see or respond to messages. A removed co-traveler will also no longer have access to the trip itinerary.

Co-travelers can access the Safety Hub and can contact Airbnb Support about any confirmed reservation they have been added to.

To add a co-traveler:

  1. Click Trips and select the reservation you want to share
  2. Click Send to guests
  3. Click Send trip details
  4. Select sharing option and send to your co-travelers
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