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How Early Access works

You have the opportunity to explore our new features before they’re available to everyone else and to let us know what you think.

Keep in mind: Once you have Early Access, you can’t go back to the current version of these features.

How to get started and share feedback

To try a feature:

  1. Tap Menu and then Early Access features (you'll opt in here, if you haven't already)
  2. Select a feature from the list
  3. Read about what’s new or tap Learn more to get more info about the feature
  4. Tap the “Go to” link to navigate to the new feature and give it a try

To share feedback:

  1. Select a feature from the list
  2. Tap Share feedback
  3. Add your feedback and tap Submit feedback

Other considerations

When you participate in the invite-only version of the Early Access program, you agree to keep it confidential and only share feedback with us. Please review our Invite-Only Early Access Program Terms.

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