When do I get paid for a long-term reservation?

For a long-term reservation that lasts 28 nights or more, guest payments are collected in monthly installments. We charge your guest the first month upfront and hold that first payment until 24 hours after the check-in date before releasing it to your payout method.

Then, a recurring guest payment is scheduled that is released to your payout method monthly for the duration of the reservation. You can check on the status of these payout releases at any time by visiting Account > Transaction History.

The correct reservation code and guest name is recorded on each payout line for your long-term reservation, in both Future Transactions and Completed Transactions. Read more about how to use your Transaction History.

Remember, the Long Term cancellation policy is automatically applied to all long-term reservations of 28 nights or more and requires a 30-day notice of lease termination. Read more about how monthly prices work.

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