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Joining or leaving a team

Getting started with a new team is super simple. The account owner will send you an email invite with a link to join. If you haven’t received it yet, ask them to resend it. After you join, you’ll be shown the team name and member permissions.


You can join with your existing Airbnb account as long as you aren’t currently hosting or co-hosting. Find out how to remove yourself as a Co-Host, and if you’ve hosted in the past, make sure your listing is deactivated. Otherwise, you’ll need to create a new Airbnb account with a different email address.

Leaving a team

When you leave a team, your Airbnb account will remain, but you won’t have access to the team account or its listings.

Just go to your Team page, find your info and click or tap Leave team. To join again, you’ll need to be re-invited.

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