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Updating employee info in the Airbnb for Work dashboard

Let’s dive right into how employee info gets updated in Airbnb for Work.

To get updates on employee changes at your company, Airbnb integrates with OneLogin through SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). This keeps the employee list on your Airbnb for Work dashboard up to date—without you or another company admin needing to manage it manually.

Get started

Start by getting an access token and SCIM URL.

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to your Airbnb for Work dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Access, scroll to Automatic Account Removal, and click Get Started
  3. Determine the admin of your company’s OneLogin account:
    1. If you’re an admin for OneLogin: Provide your email address to receive next steps—including a SCIM URL, access token, and setup instructions
    2. If you aren’t an admin for OneLogin: Provide the admin’s email address and they’ll be sent next steps

Configure OneLogin

When you receive the email with your access token and SCIM URL:

  1. Log into your company’s OneLogin account
  2. Go to Apps > Add Apps
  3. Search for "Airbnb for Work" and select it, then click Configuration
  4. Click Save to add the Airbnb for Work app to your company apps
  5. Go to the Configuration tab
  6. Copy and paste the access token into the SCIM Bearer Token field
  7. Copy and paste the SCIM URL to the SCIM Base URL field
  8. Click Enable (if the configuration is correct, the status will change to Enabled)
  9. Click Save

Set up provisioning

After you configure OneLogin:

  1. Click Provisioning
  2. Check Enable provisioning for Airbnb for Work
  3. To enable automatic dashboard updates for new employees, past employees, and changes in employee info, uncheck the Create user, Delete user, and Update user boxes
  4. Choose Delete from the When users are deleted in OneLogin option and click Save
    1. If you choose Delete: Travel info for former employees will no longer appear on the Airbnb for Work dashboard, and they won’t be able to charge trips to your company.
    2. If you choose Do nothing: Travel info for former employees will continue to appear on the Airbnb for Work dashboard—and they may be able to charge trips to your company if you use centralized billing until you remove them.

For Create user, Delete user, and Update user, checking the boxes will disable automatic updates, which means employee lists must be manually updated as employees join and leave your company.

Add more employee info

An employee’s name, work email, and phone number are automatically shared with Airbnb. Display this contact info along with other optional fields—like someone’s department or division—on the Airbnb for Work dashboard. Start by adding these parameters in OneLogin:

  1. Go to Apps > Company Apps and search for the “Airbnb for Work” app
  2. Select the “Airbnb for Work” app, then click on the Parameters tab
  3. Click Configured by admin
  4. For each field that you want to include, click the parameter row to open Edit Field—there you can change the default and select Include in User Provisioning

The following fields have specific default values and requirements:

  • Field: SCIM username, Default value: Usually user email, Required: Yes (must be a unique value)
  • Field: Email, Default value: None, Required: Yes

The following fields don't have default values and aren’t required, but can be added:

  • Cost center
  • Department number
  • Division
  • Employee number
  • Organization
  • User photo
  • Work phone

Disable automatic account removal

To prevent the automatic account removal of users that leave your company:

  1. Go to Settings > Access
  2. Scroll down to the Automatic Account Removal panel
  3. Click Do not automatically revoke access when employees leave your company
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