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Experience Host

Age guidelines for Airbnb Experiences

How do you know if your Experience is suitable for kids?

Things to consider:

  • Will younger guests be able to physically participate?
  • Is there any adult content presented during your Experience by you or someone else, such as swearing or sexual references?
  • Will you be going to a venue that has age restrictions?
  • Will you or anyone else be serving alcohol?
  • Do your other guests know that children will be attending?

Update your Experience listing description

To specify if your Experience is suitable for guests under 18:

  1. Go to Listings and select an Experience
  2. Click Guest requirements
  3. Under Minimum age, choose how old guests need to be to attend your Experience
  4. Click Save and continue

Only people 18 or over can make reservations, but a child’s legal guardian is able to book additional spots for guests who meet your minimum age requirement.

It’s up to you if you charge for kids under 2 or if you let them come for free.

Communicate ahead of time

Did a guest just book your Experience for their family? Help them plan by messaging them with considerations and tips to help the younger travelers have a great Experience.

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