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    How do I set cutoff times for my experience?

    To set cutoff times:

    1. Go to Create an experience on
    2. In the menu, click Booking settings
    3. Select your preferences for cutoff times, then click Next

    How cutoff times work

    You have two cutoff times: one to get your first booking and one to get your last booking.

    • First cutoff time: If no one books by a certain time, you have the option to remove that instance of your experience without penalty. This helps you know in advance whether you'll be hosting or not.
      • For example, if you set your first cutoff time to 1 day before the start time and no one books by then, the experience will be removed from search.
    • Second cutoff time: After you get at least one booking, you can set the second cutoff time.
      • For example, if you set the second cutoff time to 2 hours before the start time, then additional guests can book up to two hours before the experience begins. Booking will close 2 hours prior to the start time.
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