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Airbnb Resident Hosting program

The Airbnb Resident Hosting program is a way for building owners, managers, and homeowners’ associations to enable hosting on Airbnb. They can offer residents the ability to host on Airbnb according to their building rules and policies. Through this program, building owners can:

  • Establish their own building rules for hosting, tailored to work for their community
  • Gain visibility into Airbnb hosting activity in the community
  • Leverage tools on Airbnb to share portions of the resident’s reservation income

The Resident Hosting program also gives building owners access to tools, including a customized dashboard to track any revenue share they earn and provides insight into hosting activity, for listings opted into the program.

Today, this program is primarily for buildings in the United States. To find out if your community is part of the program, check with your building management or look for it on Know that there are buildings that allow hosting on Airbnb but aren’t part of this partnership. If they’d like to consider partnering with Airbnb, they can learn more here.

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