Tools to help drive more bookings

The below tools will help you drive more bookings across your portfolio. We'll update this section as new tools roll out!

New Hosting Promotion

Get your first 3 bookings 30% faster with the new listing promotion!

Our new listing promotion allows hosts to easily apply a 20% discount to any eligible listings for the first three bookings. In order to be eligible, a listing must have 0 bookings, instant book enabled and smart pricing disabled.

This promotion gives you the ability to merchandise discounts to guests, which is a great way to make your listings stand out—especially during shoulder seasons. Plus, there is no commitment, so you can opt-out at any time if you feel like the promotion isn’t working for you.

How it works

  • Once you opt-in, guests can then book reservations occurring within the next 90 days to receive the discount on eligible listings.
  • The discount expires for each enrolled listing after the third promotional booking, or 30 days after your promotion opt-in date, whichever happens first.

You can view a video tutorial here

Click here to activate

Non-Refundable Option

Our new tiered pricing option can help you increase revenue by letting guests choose either a listing’s standard rate and cancellation policy, or a 10% lower rate that is immediately locked in and nonrefundable.

This reduced rate shows up in search results, potentially generating more page views, faster bookings, and higher revenue. Guests also feel empowered when they can choose the rate and policy that best suits them.

The feature doesn’t replace your existing settings—it just gives guests an additional option. You can apply it to any of your eligible listings or all of them.* There’s no commitment. You can deactivate the feature anytime and reapply it later if you choose.

How it works

  • The opt-in page shows you your moderate and flexible cancellation listings, which qualify for tiered pricing. Select any or all of the listings and activate the feature. You can also opt-in directly from any eligible listing.

  • Once the feature has been turned on, guests booking 7 to 60 days before their stay can choose between the standard price and the nonrefundable option.

Click here to activate

Long Term Stays

One promising travel trend on Airbnb is that searches for longer stays nearby have more than doubled worldwide.

Booking Trends we're seeing:

  • One in every seven nights booked in 2019 was for a longer-term stay.
  • 80% of Airbnb hosts now accept longer-term stays and about half of Airbnb’s active listings now provide discounts for stays of one month or longer.
  • Already in 2020, Airbnb has seen bookings for more than 600 days; the longest booking made so far this year was more than 700 days.

To ensure your listing is fully optimised for Long Term Stays, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Your listing must be available for bookings of 28 days or more. We recommend having no max trip-length setting
  • Have key amenities for longer stays: kitchen, wifi, washing machine, Essentials (toilet paper, soap, towels, bed linen, and pillows)
  • Must either provide a discount for or be priced exclusively for 28 days or longer. Priced for monthly stays: either have monthly discount >= 10% or only accept stays 28 days or longer

You can learn more about Long Term Stays here.

Click here to opt in.

Seasonal Pricing

Create different types of rule-sets and apply them across listings and dates in your Calendar tab:

You can add the following rules to a rule-set:

  • Nightly price: Adjust the price per night for your listing based on the time of year. For example, you can create a rule that increases your nightly price by 10% for dates during the holiday season.
  • Length-of-stay discounts: Give guests a discount for booking longer stays. You can discount by the week, month or a custom time-frame that you create.
  • Last-minute discounts: Reduce your nightly price as the check-in date gets closer.
  • Early-bird discounts: Add a discount for booking further in advance.
  • Trip length requirements: Set the minimum and maximum number of nights that guests can book.
  • Check-in and checkout requirements: Choose the days that guests can check in and out.

You can learn more about our rule-set offerings here.

Pro-Marketing Page

Pro marketing page is the best way to showcase all your room types & reviews at once. It also helps boost SEO. To help guests browse through all your listings, add a link to this page in each of your individual listings.

To review and edit your pro marketing page:

  1. Go to your Host Dashboard on your desktop computer
  2. Click Go to pro marketing page
  3. Click Edit page on the cover photo
  4. Add your company logo
  5. Add your own cover photo or choose from our selection of pre-selected cover photos
  6. Click Publish
Early Bird Discount

Hosts can now set a % discount for trips booked 1-36 months (18 for API) in advance of check-in.

What does Early bird discount do?

  • Allows Host to implement a discount for bookings in advance
  • Enables strike-through pricing for discounts greater than 10%
  • The host will have an idea of what to expect in bookings way in advance
  • Guests are incentivised for making bookings early

Watch this video on how to set Early Bird discounts up.

Last Minute Discount

Hosts can set a % discount for trips booked 1-28 days in advance of check-in.

What does Last Minute discount do?

  • Hosts can add multiple last-minute discounts, as long as each is within 28 days of check-in.
  • For example, you can offer a bigger discount the closer it is to the arrival date.
  • This discount won’t be shown to guests.
  • Last minute discounts is a handy way to fill calendar gaps and stressed inventory