Tips for Airbnb hosts to get their first reservation

Whether hosting on Airbnb will be your full-time job or something you do on occasion, you don’t need to start hosting as soon as you create a listing. But with a bit of preparation, you’ll be ready to start welcoming guests—and earning extra money toward your goals. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to your first guest reservation.

Set the right prices
Use Instant Book
Embrace business travel

Set the right prices

Assess your neighborhood

The Airbnb map can help you find properties listed near your home. Choose the top properties that are most comparable in size and quality of your listing to help set your pricing. Do you live near event venues, public transit, downtown, or popular tourist attractions? If so, highlight the advantages of your location in your listing description.

Leveraging Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing is a tool created to make hosting a bit easier. Smart Pricing helps you to optimize your prices based on demand for listings similar to yours. These prices are based on a variety of factors, such as types and locations of listings along with the season, general demand, and other factors.

Embracing seasonal pricing

Staying in the know about upcoming events that bring guests to town like concerts, sports events, conferences, festivals, and more can help you determine a good price for your place during popular travel seasons. This tip also applies to setting specific prices for days of the week, such as weekends. Offering weekly or monthly discounts can encourage longer stays and reduce your turnover.

Find out what you could earn

Use Instant Book

Instant Book lets guests who meet your requirements automatically reserve your space.

You can require that every guest provide identification to Airbnb or be recommended by other hosts before they can book instantly with you. And, as a way to help prepare for reservations, you can require advance notice—from same day reservations, up to several days notice.

Embrace business travel

Airbnb is a popular site for business trips, with travelers from more than 700,000 companies using Airbnb for Work.

Business travelers often have higher budgets, travel year-round, and look for places to stay during the week. A few amenities business travelers need include: wireless internet, a laptop-friendly workspace, flexible cancellations, self check-in, an iron, hangers, and essentials such as fresh linens, clean towels, and shampoo.

If you don’t feel ready for your first guest, that’s okay! You can publish your listing with a blocked calendar to give yourself time to prepare. In fact, most people who start hosting have never hosted before, so you’re in good company.

When you’re ready to host your first guest, remember these tips to help you get your first reservation and welcome your first guest.

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