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Rent unique, local accommodations on any budget, anywhere in the world.

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Why use Airbnb for business travel?

Feel at home

The comforts and amenities you’re used to at home.

Be closer

With over 500,000 locations, you can be where you need to be.

Get inspired

Get together with your team for the day in an inspiring space.

How to book

Once your company has enrolled, go to this page and verify your work email.

Set your dates and location above and search for a listing.

When booking a trip, either choose “Charge to my company” as the payment or mark the checkbox saying “This is a business trip.”

Only employees from companies enrolled in our program may book business trips. If you’d like to signup your company, enroll here.

Helpful tips

For the best experience

Choose listings which have positive reviews, verified photography and complete profiles.

For the fastest experience

Listings marked “Instant Book” are the fastest way to book a place on Airbnb.

For the complete experience

Your host will be happy to point you towards services you may need.

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