Book for your team

Now it’s easier than ever to book and manage business travel—your company’s bookers can search, book, and pay for trips on behalf of others.

Join Airbnb for Work

Book a trip, then add your traveler right to the reservation. They’ll get trip details, updates, and messages from the host.


Search by property type, price, amenities, neighborhood, and more find a space that fits your traveler’s needs.

Add a traveler

Choose Business travel, then I’m booking for someone else in the About this trip section. Verified company travelers will show up automatically, or you can add a new traveler.

Connect with the host

You and the primary traveler will join a message thread with the host to get any questions answered, and help the trip run smoothly.

Great for companies

Great for companies

Keep your budget in check

Stay in control of your company’s travel budget by managing bookings across your team.

See the big picture

Coordinate travel schedules across your team, and get full visibility into all trip details.

Save time and hassle

Once the reservation is made, both you and your traveler will receive all trip communication and messages from the host.

Easy for Travelers

Easy for Travelers

Don’t sweat the details

Let your company’s experienced bookers handle the logistics, so you can focus on your work.

No expense report necessary

When someone books for you, they’ll take care of payment upfront. All you have to do is show up at the door.

Stay in the know

Once the reservation is confirmed, you’ll receive all trip emails and info, and be added right to the message thread with your host.
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m booking for another person, why should I use this booking mechanism instead of just booking a trip myself?

How do I book for users in my same company or outside my company?

How can someone authorize another person to be a booker for them?

How can someone get permission from another person to book for them?

Who can make changes to a booking made by a booker?

Can I only book for users for business trips?

Interested in becoming a booker?

Talk to your travel manager about adding you as a booker from the People section of the travel manager dashboard. We’re rolling this feature out slowly. If your company doesn’t offer the booker role yet, stay tuned.

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