All the essentials in Amsterdam

From fresh fruit to fresh laundry, this is where local Airbnb hosts go for the basics.

Locals’ favorite places

1. Jordaan
344local recommendations
Leandro says “The Jordaan is nothing but highlights. Maze-like streets offer hidden courtyards, cafés (both tradit...” ·
2. Albert Heijn
79 Westerstraat
175local recommendations
Helias says “2 minute walk Albert Heijn grocery store - has all one needs” ·
3. AH Stadhouderskade
101D Stadhouderskade
138local recommendations
Frederic says “Great supermarket open 08h-22h every day, all the basics, fresh, good range including breads, cheese...” ·
4. AH Overtoom
116 Overtoom
111local recommendations
Eric says “The best supermarket in the area. Not the cheapest, but you'll find all the things you need here. Fo...” ·
5. Albert Heijn
132 Jan Pieter Heijestraat
114local recommendations
Rinske & Michiel
Rinske & Michiel says “Tiny supermarket that somehow knows how to cater for all. Fresh bread. Their range of biological pro...” ·
6. Marqt
21 Overtoom
106local recommendations
Ingrid says “A historical horse riding school in the centre of Amsterdam! Nice fin-de-siecle foyer on the first f...” ·
7. Marqt
165 Haarlemmerstraat
109local recommendations
Julie says “Marqt (about a 20 min walk) is a huge organic supermarket with respect for nature, animals and peop...” ·
8. Marqt
402 Ceintuurbaan
110local recommendations
Heleen says “Marqt is one of the best and most expensive supermarket in town. Very fresh, mostly biological produ...” ·
9. Dirk van den Broek
110-127 Sloterkade
88local recommendations
Mar says “Big grocery store! The have a large selection and a big fruit/vegetables department. Best for your e...” ·
10. Marqt
17 Utrechtsestraat
79local recommendations
Judith says “First class health food store. Fresh organic fish, fruit and vegetables, bread and pastry. Lots of d...” ·
11. Albert Heijn
21 Jodenbreestraat
79local recommendations
Rachel En Flip
Rachel En Flip says “We like this Albert Heijn more than the Niewmarkt AH, though a bit further away, (maybe 2-3 minutes ...” ·
12. Albert Heijn
11 Cornelis Troostplein
63local recommendations
Bas says “Open every day from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm and just around the corner” ·
13. AH Jan van Galenstraat
87 Jan van Galenstraat
74local recommendations
Michel En Remi
Michel En Remi says “Closest general supermarket. It's big and has everything to offer which you might need. Open 7 days ...” ·
14. Dirk van den Broek
6-13 Mercatorplein
73local recommendations
Brechtje says “Other shop, a little further away. With a good walk (10minutes) through the beautiful Rembrandpark y...” ·
15. Albert Heijn
24III Jan Evertsenstraat
70local recommendations
Lucy says “Large grocery store Albert Heijn right behind the back yard, drugstores (Etos) and specialty shops a...” ·
16. Dirk van den Broek
25 Marie Heinekenplein
75local recommendations
Frans says “The supermarket Dirk van den Broek that is only 50 meters from our front door, with a fresh grocery ...” ·
17. Albert Heijn
11 Cornelis Troostplein
64local recommendations
Yolande says “When I was studying abroad for six months, this supermarket is one of the things I missed most about...” ·
18. AH Van Limburg Stirumstraat
44 Van Limburg Stirumstraat
65local recommendations
Inez & Roland
Inez & Roland says “The clossest supermarket with everything you could possibly need susch as food, fruit, vegatables, w...” ·
19. Albert Heijn
186 Amstelveenseweg
60local recommendations
Dirk says “This supermarket is super close to my place, but a little bit small as well. Its has everything you ...” ·
20. OLVG location East
9 Oosterpark
61local recommendations
Kamiel says “Always good to know where the nearest hospital is. Ambulance service is even closer by the way (3 bl...” ·
21. Albert Heijn
80 Wibautstraat
63local recommendations
Michael says “This is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, you will find everything in different pric...” ·
22. AH Postjesweg
65 Postjesweg
65local recommendations
Alex says “Large super market that sells all basic foodstuffs. Does not take credit cards but have ATM inside.” ·
23. the Night market
94-96 De Wittenkade
45local recommendations
Marnix says “Best night shop in Amsterdam, open till 00.00 and on holidays. They have good wine, home cooked meal...” ·
24. AH Spaarndammerdijk
3 Spaarndammerdijk
56local recommendations
Heiko says “Modern supermarket with large selection of fresh and ready-made foods. Daily (incl. Sunday) open 08....” ·
25. Lidl
25A Hemonylaan
53local recommendations
Robert says “The cheapest grocery store with a great selection of everything, of a great quality. If you care for...” ·
26. Jumbo
223 Gedempt Hamerkanaal
49local recommendations
E says “The new Foodmar includes food stalls specialising in various international dishes: pizza from the ov...” ·
27. AH Van Baerlestraat
33A Van Baerlestraat
45local recommendations
Ramona says “Al your groceries but also fresh sushi bar-(made on the spot)-salade boxes-fresh juices” ·
28. AH
81 Frederik Hendrikstraat
51local recommendations
Alexandra says “Albert Heijn is one of the most common grocery stores. Stop by on your way home to get everything yo...” ·
29. AH Gulden Winckelplantsoen
5 Gulden Winckelplantsoen
58local recommendations
Wieneke says “Supermarket, more 'up scale' , opening times: monday-saturday 8-10, sunday 10-8” ·
30. DEEN Supermarkten
22-24 Rietwijkerstraat
53local recommendations
Mar says “Small grocery store. They carry most products and aren't as busy as other nearby grocery store.” ·