Earn T-points on Airbnb

Earn 1 T-point for every ¥200 you spend when you book a place to stay*

Earn T-points in 5 easy steps

1. Join Airbnb

Create an account or log in to get started

2. Connect to T-point

Use your Yahoo! JAPAN ID to connect your T-point account to Airbnb

3. Plan your trip

Book a place to stay and earn 1 T-point for every ¥200 you spend*

4. Enjoy your trip

Points will be added to your T-point account within 72 hours after you finished your trip

5. Use your points

You can use your points at T-point alliance partners

Airbnb is the easiest place online to find accommodations all over the world

The right fit for everyone
You can stay by yourself or with a host (the person who owns the place) in over 5 million listings in 191 countries
Book with a peace of mind
There are over 75 million reviews from 400 million guests to help you find the perfect place for your trip
We’re here for you
Our 24/7 global support team is here to help with any issue—no matter how big or small

*More details

You must be a Japan resident to earn T-points on Airbnb.
You can earn points on any place you book around the world. Airbnb Experiences are not included.
All points calculations are an estimation dependent on your original booking and may be subject to change. Taxes, coupons or deposits are not included in any T-point calculations.
If you booked your stay in a currency other than Japanese Yen, the points you receive will be based on the conversion rate for Japanese Yen on the day of check out.
If this program concludes, T-points will not be awarded for any stays ending after termination.
For more information, please read Airbnb’s T-point terms and conditions.