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Help your listing stand out with these popular features and amenities.
By Airbnb on Nov 19, 2020
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Updated Nov 21, 2023

Guests often filter Airbnb search results to find places with specific features and amenities. You can help your listing stand out by including everything your place offers.

Top amenities

These are the amenities guests search for most often.*

  1. A pool

  2. Wifi 

  3. A kitchen 

  4. Free parking

  5. A hot tub

  6. Air conditioning or heating 

  7. A washer or dryer 

  8. Self check-in 

  9. TV or cable

  10. A fireplace

It’s easy to add amenities in the Listings tab of your hosting account. Just go to Your space and Amenities, then tap the plus sign. Select Add next to any feature your home has. You can also Create a photo tour and add details by room, including amenities, privacy info, and sleeping arrangements.

    Essential items

    Guests expect your place to have these essentials for a comfortable stay:

    • Toilet paper

    • Hand and body soap

    • One towel per guest

    • One pillow per guest

    • Linens for each guest bed

    Consider providing greater amounts for larger groups and longer stays. You can message your guests to ask what they need.

    Guest safety

    A few basic precautions can help reduce risks in your home.

    We strongly urge all Hosts to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in spaces that use fuel-burning appliances. You may also want to offer a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit.

    Learn more about preparing your listing

    Accessibility features

    Guests with accessibility needs often search for features like a step-free entrance, fixed grab bars in a bathroom, and accessible parking. Including these features in your listing helps guests know if your place is the right fit for them. 

    Read our guidelines for accessibility features

    Remote workspaces

    Guests who work remotely while they travel appreciate features and amenities like:

    • Fast and reliable wifi
    • A dedicated workspace
    • Ergonomic support, such as a laptop stand
    • Good lighting
    • Office supplies, including pens, paper, and a universal charger

    Learn more about supporting remote work

    Kid- and pet-friendly features

    Welcome more guests with children or pets by providing helpful items like:

    • A high chair
    • A travel crib
    • Baby safety gates
    • Furniture covers
    • Bowls for pet food and water
    • Towels to wipe off paws at the door
    • Extra cleaning supplies

    Be sure to showcase the changes you’ve made by updating your amenities, listing description, and photos. Adding just a few sought-after items can go a long way toward making guests feel more comfortable in your space—and could lead to great reviews.

    *According to Airbnb internal data that measured the most frequently searched amenities worldwide from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.
    Nov 19, 2020
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