How to take great listing photos

Try these pro tips to help your listing stand out in search results.
By Airbnb on Dec 17, 2020
3 min video
Updated Sep 27, 2023

High-quality photos are more important than ever. They capture guests’ attention, help give your listing a boost in Airbnb’s search rankings, and can even help attract more bookings.

Check out the video above to get tips for taking great listing photos. You can also try these helpful hints:

  • For each image, focus on a key feature of your property and always place the main subject in the center of the frame
  • Find the time of day when your place gets the most direct, natural light—it’ll look warm and welcoming
  • Choose a high-quality image for your cover photo—it’s what guests find first in search results
  • Make sure your cover photo works when cropped into a square for search results
  • Write clear and concise captions for every photo to help set guest expectations
You can also have a pro showcase your space through Airbnb’s professional photography service.
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Dec 17, 2020
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