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    How to set up a stellar listing

    Enhance your listing with quality photos, a competitive price, and more.
    By Airbnb on Nov 18, 2020
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    Updated Jul 1, 2021


    • Write a detailed and accurate listing description

      • Make sure your calendar and booking settings are up to date

        • Update your listing
        • Discover more in our complete guide to setting up a successful listing

        Your listing is vital—after all, it’s your first opportunity to grab potential guests’ attention with beautiful photos, popular amenities, and a detailed description of your space. It’s also important to carefully set your calendar and pricing, which helps ensure you only receive the bookings you want, when you want, and at the right price.

        Update when and how guests book

        As a host, you have control over when and how guests book. Here are a few features to consider:

        • Calendar settings: Set the minimum and maximum number of nights a guest can book, avoid same-day requests, and more—all within your calendar settings. Don’t forget to keep your calendar current by blocking dates when you’ll be away or unable to host.
        • Requests to book: This feature lets you review a booking request before you accept it. Just make sure you respond to the guest within 24 hours.
        • Instant Book: Guests often search for listings with Instant Book.

        Perfect your listing with key details

        These tips can help make your listings stand out to potential guests in search results.

        • Craft a detailed description. Be sure your title and description capture anything guests should know about your space, like proximity to local outdoor attractions. For example, one host who has a cozy space by the sea writes, “Walk to the beach from a secluded oasis.”
        • List your amenities. According to an Airbnb survey*, popular amenities include wifi, self check-in, a laptop-friendly workspace, free parking, and a pet-friendly space, so make sure to list any that you offer.
        • Commit to cleanliness. To help ensure the safety of our community during COVID-19, we’re requiring all hosts who offer accommodations** to commit to the five-step process of Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol.
        • House rules: House rules set expectations for guests and give them a preview of your hosting style. Use your house rules to share essential info—like a no-smoking policy—with potential guests.

        Use great photos to attract guests

        Quality images help showcase your personality and style, so it’s smart to update your photos often and remember to feature certain details. 

        • Pay special attention to the first photo you include. Along with your listing title, this is the first thing guests will notice in search results. “When I look for an Airbnb, I always go straight to the photos. So think about what sets your place apart from others,” says host Candida.
        • Include images of your whole listing. Adding about three photos of each room from different angles gives guests a virtual tour of your space.
        • Write descriptive captions. Make sure your captions tell your guests about noteworthy details. For example, don’t forget to point out the pool table or the soaking tub.
        • Highlight accessibility features. Many guests search for accessibility features, so it’s important to add these to your listing details and photos.

        Check out our photography tutorial for more tips on taking great listing photos

        Hosts Jeff and Candida of San Bernardino County, California, share tips for taking great photos of your space.

        Keep your price competitive

        How much you charge for your space is completely up to you. A few things to keep in mind:

        • Guests often prioritize price when searching for a space, so it’s important to make sure your space is a good value for the location and amenities you offer. “Search online and look at other listings, hotels, and short-term rentals nearby. What’s available? What do they charge?” recommends Superhost Nick. Read more
        • When setting your nightly rate, it’s helpful to consider additional fees—like cleaning fees**, extra guest fees, service fees, and local taxes—and how they’ll impact the total price your guests will pay.
        • As a new host, you may want to start with a lower-than-average nightly rate until you have a positive review or two.
        • The Smart Pricing feature helps you set a competitive price by automatically adjusting your rate based on demand for listings like yours.

        Get more details about service fees

        Your checklist for a successful listing

        Ready to make the most of your listing? Here’s a short checklist to help you get started:

        • Are your calendar settings up to date?
        • Have you tried Instant Book?
        • Are your listing description and title clear and engaging?
        • Have you added all of your amenities?
        • Do you have a variety of high-quality photos and captions?
        • Did you set a competitive nightly price?

        Once you’ve started hosting and receiving feedback from guests, it’s a good idea to update your listing regularly, making sure your summary and photos truly highlight what’s unique about your place.

        *Conducted by the Airbnb Research Team in May 2020, the survey included 2,660 Airbnb guests in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia

        **Excluding Hosts who offer accommodations in mainland China. Find out more

        Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


        • Write a detailed and accurate listing description

          • Make sure your calendar and booking settings are up to date

            • Update your listing
            • Discover more in our complete guide to setting up a successful listing
            Nov 18, 2020
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