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    Airbnb and Etsy curate home goods for Hosts, by Hosts

    Offer the amenities guests want with these unique, well-crafted items.
    By Airbnb on Jan 25, 2022
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    Updated Jan 25, 2022


    • Etsy and Airbnb: The Art of Hosting features thoughtful home goods

    • Data from guests’ searches helped guide the curation of products

    Hosts have noted that adding small, thoughtful touches to any space can pay off big when it comes to hosting. So we’re teaming up with Etsy to curate an assortment of home goods that can help you create a guest-friendly place. The selection is largely based on the amenities guests search for when booking stays.

    Many of the featured items are handmade to order or can be customized to fit your space. Shopping from an Etsy seller also means supporting other entrepreneurs.

    Get ideas and inspiration

    Etsy and Airbnb: The Art of Hosting highlights dozens of delightful and well-crafted home goods in one convenient place. Part of Etsy’s online marketplace, the Airbnb-themed page features items for Hosts, by Hosts, as well as other artisanal wares.*

    Think of it as a place where you can pick up ideas to welcome your guests, get inspired to decorate, and purchase items to improve your space. You can find tableware, linens, games, pet supplies, home office furnishings, and other goods reflecting some of the amenities and extras guests appreciate most.

    Along with the products, you’ll find tips to upgrade your decor from experienced Hosts who are also Etsy sellers.
    To make our space beautiful and timeless, we incorporated our love of travel. Little creative details here and there go an extra long way.
    Hosts Luke and Abby,

    Give guests what they want

    Airbnb data shows that certain amenities can help entice guests to book, impress them during their stay, and encourage them to leave great reviews. The Etsy lineup was curated with this feedback in mind.

    For example, guests often search for stays with well-stocked kitchens. So the Etsy selection includes hand-blown drinking glasses from Host Rebecca of Providence, Rhode Island; ceramic coffee mugs from Superhost Kate of New South Wales, Australia; and a colorful apron from former Host Vikki of Edmonton, Canada.

    Providing extra linens and cleaning supplies can help make guests—particularly families with children or pets—feel supported during their stay. You can shop stonewashed bedding from Host Liene of Riga, Latvia; a fluffy throw blanket from Host Özge of Montreal; and a plastic-free pot scrubber from new Host Madie of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    Adding a laptop-friendly workspace can help attract guests seeking longer stays, so the Etsy selection includes a multifunction laptop table from Wood Forms Collective; a movable desk from CBMYCreative; and, for a little flair, a hickory-framed world map from Hosts Luke and Abby of Dallas.

    Whether you’re updating your space for form or function, adding small, thoughtful touches can make a big difference as you level up your hospitality.

    *The Etsy page can be accessed in English worldwide.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • Etsy and Airbnb: The Art of Hosting features thoughtful home goods

    • Data from guests’ searches helped guide the curation of products

    Jan 25, 2022
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