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with experienced Co-Hosts
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Experienced Co-Hosts are locals who offer customized support ranging from cleaning or welcoming guests to full-service property management. Share your space and earn extra money without having to do it all yourself.

Experienced Co-Hosts may help with the following tasks:
Creating your listing
Taking photos
Getting your space ready
Maintaining your property
Adding personal touches
Communicating with guests
Pricing tools and calendar settings
Check-in and checkout

Find an experienced Co-Host

Enter the address of your place
Message the experienced
Co-Hosts of your choice
Once you’ve found a Co-Host, set your goals and define the terms of your partnership.
Open your calendar for bookings, and work with your Co-Host to welcome your first guests

Get support from someone with guest experience

Becoming an experienced Co-Host requires a guest rating of 4.8 or more on Airbnb. Discuss how they can support your property based on your needs.

Manage the partnership with your experienced Co-Host

While your experienced Co-Host can handle pretty much everything for you, you’ll still have access to a dashboard with your bookings, ratings, and earnings.

Take advantage of Co-Host tools

With permissions and payouts*, you can determine what your experienced Co‑Host can access on your listing and share payouts on your bookings, directly on Airbnb.
Photo of a Superhost sat on a chair in his home, smiling at the camera.
Are you interested in becoming an experienced Co-Host?
Earn more on your own terms by helping Hosts manage their places. Become an experienced Co-Host and get contacted by new Hosts nearby who are looking for local hosting services. As you grow your business, enjoy the freedom to choose what services you offer and how much you want to charge.

Frequently asked questions

The experienced Co-Host Services Platform enables Hosts to connect with experienced Co-Hosts who provide a variety of hosting services. This platform service is powered by Airbnb Living LLC, Airbnb Global Services Limited, and Airbnb Plataforma Digital Ltda, and is currently available in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.
* In many countries, you can share a part of each booking’s payout with your Co-Host through Airbnb. There are some limitations depending on your and your Co-Host’s location, or where your listing is located. Learn more.
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