Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp

Unlocking the power of rural and mountain communities

This winter, as mountain and rural communities prepare to welcome guests after a difficult year, we want to provide Hosts with the toolkit they need to support a safe and responsible tourism recovery.

Whether you are located in the mountains, in the countryside or in a traditional ski resort, the Winter Bootcamp offers tailor made solutions for any individual or organisation with an interest in hospitality and tourism.

If you want to become a Hosts, you can book a free private class with an Airbnb Host Ambassador to learn more about hosting.

Are you already a Host?

To improve your listing and learn about the new Airbnb features, sign up for the webinar.

Are you a partner or an organisation?

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Answers to common questions

What is Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp?

The Winter Bootcamp is a programme focused on supporting both individuals and organisations from rural and mountain communities to succeed on the Airbnb platform. Individuals will have the opportunity to book free online classes hosted by Airbnb superhosts to learn how to list a space step by step. They will also have access to localised online resources. Partners and associations have the opportunity to develop a tailor made program with the Airbnb team to help educate their associates about the benefit of hosting for local communities.

Why join Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp?

Local association partners can benefit from the visibility offered by Airbnb and use the Bootcamp as a way to develop a tourism infrastructure in areas that have often been overlooked. Individuals can get involved in our Host Education Program and learn about the benefits of hosting on our platform via dedicated online classes (webinars).

How can I join Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp?

Any domestic marketing organisation, DMO, mountain or rural association wishing to get involved can fill in the form above: our partnership team will get in touch with you. Any individual interested in our online classes should directly book a webinar at the link above.

In which countries is Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp currently being offered?

Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp is currently being offered to communities in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

I’m not from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Australia or the UK. Can I still take part in the full program?

Unfortunately you can’t participate in Airbnb’s Winter Bootcamp as an organisation at this time. However, individuals residing in countries and regions where Airbnb is available can take part in our Host Webinars: languages being offered at this time are English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

When will the webinars take place?

The program will take place from November to February. Please check the link above to be informed about webinar dates available in their country or preferred language. For partners, the exact timings of each webinar will be discussed and agreed on with our partnership team.

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