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    Tips for improving your Airbnb search ranking

    Update your listing so more guests can discover your place.
    By Airbnb on May 11, 2022
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    Updated Jul 19, 2022


    • Many factors determine how listings rank in search results

    • To help improve your ranking, consider pricing competitively, accepting more bookings, and working to become a Superhost

    You’ve created and published a fabulous listing, and now you want people to check it out. How do they find it? Among all the places available in your area, which ones does Airbnb’s algorithm put higher up in search results—and why? What can you do to influence your listing’s rank? Here’s what you need to know.

    How Airbnb search works

    Airbnb’s search algorithm uses many factors to determine the order of listings in search results. It’s designed to help guests quickly find places that meet their needs.

    The algorithm’s recommendations reflect what it has learned from the millions of searches that have led to bookings in the past. The algorithm also takes into account specific details provided by the guest, such as desired destination, previous trips, and saved listings. Not every factor is weighed equally, and you don’t need to have a luxurious space or an unbeatable location for your listing to rank well.

    4 tips for improving your ranking

    1. Enhance your listing
    Airbnb’s algorithm factors in how guests engage with your listing, when guests attempt to contact you from your listing page, and whether guests add your listing to their wish lists.

    To help spark guests’ interest, we recommend that you:

    • Feature high-quality photos that set an inviting scene. Listing photos that are representative of an Airbnb Category and have the potential to inspire tend to feature higher in that category.
    • Describe the unique characteristics of your space in specific, accurate details that let guests know exactly what to expect.
    • Offer amenities that guests want, such as high-speed wifi and free parking.

    2. Make your price more competitive
    Airbnb’s algorithm factors in your total price before taxes, including any discounts or additional fees, and compares it with the prices of similar spaces in your area. Setting a competitive price can help improve your ranking, because listings offering the best value in any given region tend to appear higher in search results.

    Learn how to update your price

    Tip: Responding to requests within 24 hours can help improve your search ranking

    3. Open additional availability
    Airbnb’s algorithm factors in your listing’s availability, your response times to inquiries, and how often you accept bookings. The more open dates you offer on your calendar, the more likely your listing will meet a guest’s search criteria and appear in their search results.

    Other actions you can take:

    • Respond to requests within 24 hours to help improve your ranking in search.
    • Try to avoid repeatedly declining booking requests. Though it’s occasionally necessary to decline a booking, doing so often can negatively affect your search ranking, because having reservations rejected is a poor experience for guests.
    • Use Instant Book, so your listing appears whenever guests search for Instant Book listings in your area. Because responses are immediate and automatic, Instant Book also can improve your ranking.
    • Try not to cancel bookings once you’ve confirmed them, which can negatively impact your search ranking.

    Learn how to turn on Instant Book

    4. Become a Superhost
    Airbnb’s algorithm factors in whether you’re a Superhost—or if you’re meeting some or all of the requirements to become one. For example, having your listing booked regularly and receiving positive guest ratings and reviews tend to help your listing rank higher. Guests also have the option to filter their search results to display only listings offered by Superhosts. In general, providing excellent hospitality typically helps improve the performance of your listing over time.

    Learn how to become a Superhost


    • Many factors determine how listings rank in search results

    • To help improve your ranking, consider pricing competitively, accepting more bookings, and working to become a Superhost

    May 11, 2022
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